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The gambling industry in the United States is composed primarily of poker, casino games, and sports betting. In 2018, sports betting was legalized at the federal level; however, each state controls its own regulations and approaches legalization differently. For these reasons, it can be difficult to provide a comprehensive overview of online gambling for the country as a whole.

As of 2022, roughly half of the states have legalized or regulated online gambling in some form or another and more states are expected to expand their access to online gambling in the future.

In 2021, roughly ten percent of U.S. adults who bet on online and in-person casino games did so weekly or more often; that same year, the size of the online gambling market in the U.S. reached 9.5 billion U.S dollars, an increase on the previous year’s total of 8.7 billion U.S dollars.

Things We Look for In New USA Online Casinos

Casinos range depending on the specifics that they offer. Finding legit USA online casinos doesn’t have to be complicated. The things we look for in new USA online casinos are:

The best-rated USA online casinos should feature various payment methods that are efficient and secure. Bonus offers like low deposit online casinos USA where you don’t have to break the bank to start gambling is essential. There are even USA online casinos with no deposit bonus options available. Play for free on the house and win real money.

With game variety, top-notch gaming providers, mobile-friendly apps, and exceptional customer service rounding out the list of the best USA online casinos in 2023, we ensure our picks meet customers’ satisfaction.

Is it Legal To Gamble Online in the USA?

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Yes. Online gambling is legal in the USA at a federal level. However, since state legislature also dictates online gambling laws, it’s not permitted in all 50 states. For instance, both Hawaii and Utah do not allow gambling of any kind, including lotteries. States like Alabama and Wisconsin allow only tribal casinos, and places like Kentucky only allow horse betting.

Other states have introduced more online gaming options to their existing brick-and-mortar casinos. Legislation in states like Ohio passed online gambling over a year ago, but due to the number of rules and regulations, they will finally implement it in 2023.

Many states that allow online gambling only allow sports betting. Poker, roulette, table games, etc., are strictly prohibited and allowed only in land-based casinos.

As you may have guessed, Nevada allows all forms of gambling, online and in-person. However, online gambling isn’t regulated in Nevada, so it’s something to consider before attempting. New Jersey is another state that allows any gambling to include online gaming. As the saying goes, everything is legal in Jersey. As online gambling continues to grow worldwide and throughout the USA, more states will see this type of legislation on ballots. In this article, we go thru State by the state of the current legislation.

Online Casinos are Legal in 6 States

Only a handful of states currently have legal online casinos available to the public, but there is a good chance Illinois and Indiana will legalize online gambling in 2023. Hopefully, your state brings you access to your favourite online casino games like roulette, blackjack and more soon.

Sports Betting 26 States & DC

Sports betting has never been more popular than it is right now. Since a key Supreme Court ruling in 2018, nearly half the states in the country have either launched online sports betting or are preparing to do so in the near future.

Online Poker: 6 States

Online poker is often the afterthought of the online gambling world. The low speed and low relative profitability for sites and states make it a low priority for most lawmakers, who are often more interested in legalizing online casinos or sports betting. Online poker tends to get tacked onto larger gaming expansions that bring online casinos and/or sports betting to the state at the same time.

Understanding Online Gambling Legislation in the USA

Gambling in the US dates back to colonial times when horse betting was widely popular. However, the early 20th century saw gambling banned for most of the US due to people speaking of the evils of gambling and Prohibition. The 18th amendment to the US constitution made the sale of alcoholic beverages illegal.

It wasn’t until Prohibition was repealed in 1933 during the Great Depression that Nevada legalized casinos, the first state to do so. After that, many states followed suit, bringing gambling like horse betting and lotteries into their revenue.

The Wire Act of 1961 made it illegal to conduct gambling via an electronic circuit to derail organized crime. Of course, this was long before the internet was created.

It wasn’t until 2011 that the Department of Justice clarified that the Wire Act of 1961 prohibited gambling across state lines regarding sports betting. In 2018, they stated that gambling over state lines was strictly prohibited. This proclamation concluded that while online gambling was legal on a federal level, the states needed to provide their laws for legalizing online gambling.

Legislation is changing rapidly regarding online gambling as many states allow online sports betting while keeping other online casino games restricted.

Legislation is changing rapidly regarding online gambling as many states allow online sports betting while keeping other online casino games restricted. However, the rise in online gambling worldwide suggests that this billion-dollar industry provides heft revenue and could start making more of a mark in the US.

Where To Begin at the Best USA Online Casinos Right Now?

Regarding USA online casinos’ real money options, it’s not hard to get started. To begin gambling, you usually need to set up an account with one of the best-rated USA online casinos, provide a photo id, and set up a payment method.

This process holds when using credit card instant bitcoin deposit USA online casinos. Bitcoin casinos offer payment options like e-wallets (PayPal, Neteller, Skrill). The incredible thing about these options is that the deposit and withdrawals are lightning-fast. The quicker the deposits hit the casino’s books, the faster you can start gambling at the best-rated USA online casinos.

It’s vital to ensure you understand your state’s rules regarding online gambling. Since online casinos and sports betting in the USA are a newer phenomenon, most states do not currently allow it, or if they do, they only allow online sports betting. Check with the local laws to understand what is permitted before creating an account.

Age restrictions vary depending on the state as well. Some states allow players that are 18, while others require you to be 21. It can depend on the type of gambling, like sports betting vs. playing at a brick-and-mortar casino. The proper age restriction is necessary to avoid hefty fines or jail time for gambling underage.

Payment Methods for Low-Deposit Casinos

We mentioned a few options for your deposits and withdrawals, but let’s dive further into the payment methods for low-deposit casinos and USA online casinos’ real money options.

  • Credit Cards

Credit cards like Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted at USA online casinos in 2023. They offer secure transactions that are easy to track and allow fast payments and withdrawals. Credit card instant bitcoin deposit USA online casinos are popular for those wanting to use cryptocurrencies. The one drawback to credit cards is the transaction fees.

  • E-wallets

Many USA online casinos accept PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, and more. E-wallets have become increasingly popular in this age of digital technology, making it easier to transfer funds through secure methods with only a phone number or email address.

It’s worth noting that some online casinos may restrict bonuses based on payment methods like e-wallets. Check to make sure before you decide that is your avenue for deposits and withdrawals.

While USA online casinos that accept PayPal are for real money conversions, there are e-wallets for bitcoin users. E-wallets like Coinbase, Bluewallet, and Electrum are popular choices among the cryptocurrency community. Ensure you check with the payment methods for low-deposit casinos USA that your cryptocurrency e-wallet is accepted.

  • Western Union

Known for its catchy phrase, “the fastest way to send money,” Western Union is another viable payment method for online gambling. It offers a secure platform for both deposits and withdrawals. One possible drawback as it may take a little longer to hit your account than credit cards and e-wallets.

USA Online Casinos Free Spins and Bonuses Explained

Free spins and bonuses come in various forms for the best USA online casinos in 2023. Even the best low-minimum deposit casinos online offer bonuses to entice users to gamble at their sites. Here are some popular bonus options you should look for when choosing the best USA online casinos in 2023.

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  • Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus is one of the most common among online casinos, and for a good reason. It’s all about first impressions. The casino entices you with anything from free spins on selected slots to a match percentage on your deposit. You get lucky when USA online casinos’ free spins are combined with a matching bonus. It means more play for less money.

  • No Deposit Bonus

Although this option is less popular among online casinos, it’s worth mentioning because it’s great for players. A no-deposit bonus means you can play free at the casino without losing any of your own money. You’ll see this at some of the best low-deposit casinos online and among the USA online casinos with no deposit options. It’s always nice to get some entertainment on the house’s dime.

Take Advantage Of 
Casino Bonuses Like This

  • Free Spins

Free spins are widely popular in the online casino industry. It entices players who like table games to give slots a try. For slot players, it introduces them to new, exciting games. All the play is on the house, which makes it appealing to players. This feature appears in welcome bonuses but also in loyalty programs.

What Is A Free Spin? - Online Casino Guide | Viabonus

  • VIP Programs

Like any other company, the best USA online casinos 2023 offer awards for repeat customers. Before you ask, only some VIP programs are for high rollers. Sometimes online casinos offer you membership to their loyalty program as soon as you sign up to play. By doing this, you can start achieving points toward your account for future deposit matches, free spins, or gifts.

VIP players get the best
 casino bonuses

Online Games

There are many different kinds of online gambling games available to customers in states where online casinos are legal. One thing to consider is the gaming providers behind the graphics. Nothing is worse than playing a game where the pictures are terrible, or the game lags due to unreliable software.

Look for games provided by Playtech, NetEnt, QuickSpin, Play’n Go, BetSoft, and more of the top-notch software providers. If those names are behind the games, your entertainment will reflect that.

  • Slots

Just like land-based casinos, slots are popular at online casinos too. Five reel games like 4 Seasons, provided by Betsoft, or the Age of the Gods, supplied by Playtech, are popular amongst the online community. With free spins, progressive slots, wilds, and more, these games entertain with the click of a button. The fast-paced play of online slots keeps your attention and has you entertained for hours.

  • Table Games

Table games like roulette, baccarat, blackjack, and more are available in online casinos. Some of these games are offered at online live casinos with real dealers to make it feel more like a land-based casino atmosphere. With these options, it’s easy for everyone to find some gambling fun.

  • Online Poker

Online poker is available in most states that allow online gambling of regular casino games. However, it is more limited than other games. For instance, some states only have one site for playing online poker, or places like Connecticut offer plenty of online gambling but restrict poker altogether.

Most states that allow online poker offer a range of poker options. Anything from Texas Hold’em to Omaha to video poker to tournaments is available online. The variety of poker games allows people to bet on high or low stakes.

What About Daily Fantasy Sports?

Regarding fantasy sports, there is a gray area for gamblers. Most states allow daily fantasy sports like fantasy sports mongrel DraftKings and FanDuel. While state legislation still dictates these laws, it is legal to play fantasy sports in most states. The exception would be Hawaii, where no form of gambling is allowed.

You knew we would get to the pros and cons of online gambling. It’s what makes us here at Viabonus a trusted information source. We weigh all of the options to help you better understand the online gambling community and what it has to offer, along with what it lacks.

US Online Gambling Sites by State

While online gambling is legal at a federal level in the USA, each state allows any gambling, some form of gambling, or no gambling based on local laws. Check out of list below featuring each state and what kind of gambling is allowed, if any.


  • Online gambling and land-based casinos are illegal
  • Scratch cards are allowed throughout the state


  • Tribal casinos legal
  • All other gambling illegal, including lotteries


  • Online gambling is limited to sports betting and the lottery.
  • Horse racing bets are allowed in retail locations.


  • Online gambling illegal
  • Land-based casinos, lotteries, and sports betting in land-based casinos are legal.


  • Allows tribal land-based casinos, poker rooms, lotteries, horse betting, and charitable raffles
  • Online gambling illegal


  • Gambling is allowed in a few land-based casinos, the lottery, and horse betting.
  • Online gambling for sports betting is legal
  • No other form of online gambling is allowed


  • Both online and land-based gambling is legal, except for online poker.


  • Online and land-based gambling is legal, except for online sports betting.
  • Sports betting legal in land-based casinos


  • Land-based casinos are legal, but online casinos aren’t
  • State lottery legal


  • Only lottery, bingo games, and raffles legal
  • Online and retail casinos illegal


  • No gambling allowed


  • Online casinos prohibited
  • Few retail casinos, lottery, and horse betting allowed


  • Land-based casinos legal
  • Online sports betting is legal, but other online casino games illegal


  • Online sports betting legal and land-based casinos
  • Other online gambling is strictly prohibited


  • Lottery, brick-and-mortar casinos, and online sports betting legal
  • All other online gambling illegal


  • Online gambling illegal
  • Land-based casinos and lottery legal


  • No online or land-based casinos
  • Horse betting legal


  • Land-based casinos and lottery legal
  • Online sports betting legal
  • No other online gambling


  • Online gambling illegal
  • Land-based casinos, lottery, and horse betting legal


  • Lottery, brick-and-mortar casinos, and online sports betting legal
  • Other online gambling illegal


  • Land-based casinos legal
  • Sports betting, both online and in retail locations legal in 2023
  • No other online gambling legal


  • Online gambling, land-based casinos, lotteries, and sports betting legal


  • Tribal casinos are the only legal form of gambling other than lotteries


  • Land-based casinos legal
  • Online gambling is strictly prohibited


  • Riverboat casinos, Daily Fantasy Sports, and lotteries legal
  • Online casinos and land-based casinos illegal


  • Land-based casinos feature sports betting, poker, slots, and lotteries
  • Online gambling illegal


  • Online gambling prohibited
  • Land-based casinos, lotteries, and Daily Fantasy sports legal


  • All gambling is legal

New Hampshire

  • Online sports betting, Daily Fantasy Sports, lotteries, and charitable games legal
  • Land-based casinos illegal

New Jersey

  • All gambling is legal

New Mexico

  • Tribal casinos and in-person sports betting legal
  • Online gambling illegal

New York

  • All land-based casinos legal
  • Online gambling illegal

North Carolina

  • In-person sports betting, bingo, charitable raffles, and tribal casinos legal
  • Online gambling and sports betting illegal

North Dakota

  • Tribal casinos, horse betting, and lottery legal
  • No online gambling


  • Online and land-based casinos legal
  • Sports betting legal as of 2023


  • Land-based casinos and horse racing legal
  • Sports betting and online casinos illegal


  • Online sports betting and tribal casinos legal
  • Other online casino games illegal


  • All gambling legal

Rhode Island

  • Brick-and-mortar casinos and in-person sports betting legal
  • Online gambling is illegal.

South Carolina

  • Lottery and bingo are legal.
  • Online and land-based casinos are illegal.

South Dakota

  • Both commercial and tribal casinos are legal
  • Sports betting legal in land-based casinos
  • Online gambling illegal


  • Lottery and online sports betting legal
  • Online and land-based casinos illegal


  • Tribal casinos, lottery, greyhound, and horse racing legal
  • Online gambling and sports betting are strictly prohibited


  • No form of gambling legal


  • Daily Fantasy sports and lottery legal
  • Online, land-based, and sports betting illegal


  • Online sports betting and brick-and-mortar casinos legal
  • No other online gambling allowed


  • Tribal casinos and sports betting at said casinos legal
  • Online gambling illegal

West Virginia

  • All gambling legal


  • Tribal casinos legal
  • All other gambling is unlawful.


  • Tribal casinos and online sports betting are legal
  • All other online casino games are illegal.

Pros And Cons Of Online Gambling


  • Play slots, table games, or live casino games with real dealers from anywhere. Mobile-friendly casinos give you more of an advantage to play when you are on the go.
  • Bonuses galore! Due to limited overhead costs, online casinos offer customers a more comprehensive range of bonus options to save money and win some on the casino’s dime
  • Online casinos are regulated through government agencies to ensure RTP (return to player) percentages, and algorithms require fair play. These casinos are audited regularly to keep them honest, just like land-based casinos.
  • Because space isn’t as limited as in a land-based casino, online casinos can offer thousands of games and a wide variety of games.
  • USA online casinos no deposit options means you can play without spending your money. You will find that is rare at a land-based casino.


  • Since online casinos mean faster play, that can lead to watching your money go faster.]
  • Gambling addiction increases as it's easier to access gambling right at home. Some online gambling sites offer ways to mitigate dependence, like timeouts for a certain amount of time or canceling your service altogether.
  • The atmosphere of an in-person casino is lost with online gambling.

FAQ - United States Online Casinos

Yes. Online gambling in the USA is legally allowed at a federal level. The issue is that it also must be legal at a state level. While not all states allow online gambling, several states like Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and more offer online gambling and a sportsbook to place bets on live sports. As of today, gambling is wholly outlawed in only Utah and Hawaii.

Online casinos provide welcome and no-deposit bonuses for players. They come with free spins, a match percentage of your deposit, or both options. Certain casinos offer loyalty programs for high rollers or repeat customers. Other casinos offer free spins to players that often play to showcase new games.

Yes, online gambling is safe as long as the casino you choose is licensed and regulated by a government agency. A license ensures that the casino follows strict rules for RTP and algorithms that provide fair play. The online games are also audited regularly to ensure fairness too.

Yes. Like a land-based casino, online casinos offer similar odds and wins. If you win, you can withdraw your money using specific avenues like e-wallets. Depending on the rules of the casino, you may have to wait until you wager a certain amount before withdrawing your winnings. Always check the fine print to ensure that you understand those rules.


There are many avenues to seek help for suspected gambling addiction. Calling the customer service line of the particular online casino you frequent is one way to receive support and guidance. The online casino can hold your account or cancel it altogether and restrict you from reopening it.

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