Real Money Bonuses

Bonuses? Heck Yea!

Playing with real money also means that you’ll get real money bonuses. And there’s a ton of them.

When we rank real money casinos, we look for the top bonus categories; welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, reload bonus, and regular bonuses. These include things like free spins, bonus money, and real money that you can withdraw or play with right away.

There are so many details to all the different bonus options, and if we were to go through it all here, you would have to set aside a couple of days’ worth of reading. Instead, we have boiled it all down to a couple of topics below, so you can easily get up to speed with everything worth knowing when it comes to free online slot games with bonuses.

Welcome Bonuses

To start your casino journey, you should have a great welcome bonus. This is what different online casinos compete with each other about to get your attention, which means that there is probably a welcome bonus that will be perfect for you.

What is Welcome Bonus? Welcome bonuses are what you get when you sign up and make your very first deposit with real money. Not all casinos offer welcome bonuses though, so keep an eye out for that.

The welcome bonus can consist of free spins, bonus money, or, usually, a bit of both. They are usually a lot more generous than the rest of the bonuses that you can get at an online casino, so make sure to make the most of it with your real money deposit.

If you want a list of the best welcome bonuses that are available in online casinos with real money, you can have a look at our list at the top of the page. We have checked and reviewed all of them, so you know it’s a safe and trustworthy casino.

Reload Bonuses

This is the kind of bonus that you get after you have made your first deposit and taken the welcome bonus. A reload bonus is usually much lower than a welcome bonus, but you’re still getting a great deal.

Reload bonuses can help you win real money online for free since the bonus is free money that the casino has given you in addition to your own money.

Just like more or less every online bonus there is, reload bonuses come with wagering requirements. When you’ve met those, you can withdraw real free money at the casino. It’s a pretty nice deal!

Finally, we want you to remember that when you play at online casinos, you’re never guaranteed to win. That means that you can lose both your deposit and the bonus when you play. We always encourage you to never chase wins, and always stop when you’re not having fun any longer. Need help? To seeks assistance, there are organizations

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No Deposit Bonus

Did you know that there’s a way to win real money online and make no deposit? It’s called a no deposit bonus, and when you play with real money, you can get these kinds of bonuses.

What is a no deposit bonus? A no deposit bonus is usually offered as soon as you sign up, but some online casinos also offer a no deposit bonus to players who either haven’t played in a while or are playing a lot. So, just because the casino doesn’t have registration-free spins, you can still get free bonuses in the shape of a no deposit bonus at other points in time.

So, how do you win real money for free? All you have to do is find an online casino that offers real money play (we list a ton of them at the top of this page!), register, and claim your no deposit bonus. After that, you need to play and hope that you’re lucky enough to get in a couple of wins.

Once the bonus money is wagered, they’re free to withdraw! Just keep in mind that even though you can win free money online, you still have to win enough to meet the minimum withdrawal requirement. But it’s not impossible! The casinos process plenty of these kinds of withdrawals every day. Good luck!

Other Bonuses

Once you have gotten your no deposit bonus, welcome bonus, and reload bonus, you have regular bonuses left.

These are weekly or bi-weekly (or more!) bonuses that are offered after you have made your first deposits. Some have rewards for just playing at the casino with real money regularly, at these casinos you can often find the different rewards available at each tier.

We try to see how often bonuses are offered by the casino when we write our reviews. But these kinds of bonuses are mostly different every week, so we can’t always rate them without spending one year at the casino, and that wouldn’t benefit you, as you’d never know about new casinos. 

So always keep an eye out for the different kinds of bonuses available at the casino and sign up for the newsletter and promotional emails to make sure you’re on top of all available online casino bonuses.

Cashback Bonus

Did you know that there are also cashback casinos? Those are casinos that will give you free money, without any kind of wagering requirement, for playing at their site. Some offer a set amount of cashback (usually a fraction of a cent) that is added to your account with every spin at the casino, while others offer a 10% cashback that you get at the start or end of every week. Pretty neat!

What is Cashback Bonus? Cashback Bonus means that you´ll get the amount of your loss winnings back. Normally the Cashback is paid to customer once a week and it´s usually 10-20%

The Games To Play With Real Money

There are more than 1000 free games to play at online casinos. All of them can also be played with real money, where you can win real money. Money straight in the wallet, pretty nice!

So, what kind of real money games are there? We’ve already talked about online slots, but there are a ton of more games to play with real money out there. 

Among them are live casino, which has table games like craps, roulette, and blackjack. Then there are live sports where you can make real money bets on real sports. Finally, we also have the lottery which hosts exciting games like keno, national lotteries, or scratch cards.

Want to know more about games and real money casinos? Ok, let’s explore it further.

Ding, Ding, Ding! Real Money Slots

Slots are incredibly popular with just about every player out there and can be found at more or less every real money online casino. Tens of thousands of dollars are won on real casino slots every day, and they are really attractive. 

In case you’re not familiar, online slot games basically consist of three (or more) reels and three (or more) rows. There are a handful of big game providers that deliver most of the slots you can find online, those are, among others, NetEnt, Play n’ Go, Novomatic, Realtime Gaming, IGT, Yggdrasil, and Microgaming. Casinos have to offer these game providers to get a high score from us in our reviews.

Most real slots have exciting bonus features and innovative gameplay, others have a basic but lively classic feel and then there are the jackpot slots. At them, you can win tens of millions of dollars in just a single spin.

No wonder slots are one of the most popular games. Want to try some out for yourself? Have a look at the top of this page to find our top-ranked casinos with slots for real money.

Real Lottery and Bingo

When it comes to online casinos for real money, lottery is for sure one of the things we really like to play in. The fun is all in guessing the right numbers or going for your lucky numbers every week. And you know the frustration in that as soon as you switch up the numbers you normally go for, your regular numbers will win.

But there’s not just one lotto at online casinos with real money, besides the many different kinds of lotteries (including EuroMillions and French Lotto) there are a ton more games to play. You have keno, plenty of scratch cards, and live casino with bingo.

Now, when it comes to lotto and scratch cards, we sometimes just want to make a $1 deposit to casinos. 

Luckily, there are online casinos that accept 1$/€ deposits, so you can enjoy all of your favorite games without having to deposit a ton of money to do so. Some online casinos also have 1$/€ deposit bonus, so keep an eye out for those in our list above. 

If you’re looking to deposit more than $1 to online casinos, you’re of course able to do that as well. Choose one of the many good casinos in our list above to find just the right casino for you!

Live Casino Games

Live casino is just about as important to online casino players as slots are. We want blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and tons more. Want to know how to spend your cash the best at casinos? Here’s our 1-minute real money live casino guide:

  • Real Money Roulette
    Roulette comes in many different shapes, and no matter if you’re looking for French roulette, American roulette, or European roulette, you can find it at our top-rated online casinos. Spin it, dealer!
  • Real Money Blackjack
    Blackjack is one of those games where you need to use your brain to win, along with a nice serving of luck. Can you beat the dealer and get blackjack on your first two cards, or do you have a strategy that always works? Try out your wits and luck at our great casinos.
  • Real Money Poker
    If you need to use your brain to win in blackjack, you need some serious skill to win at poker. It might seem complicated with a ton of slang or poker-specific terms, but it’s really not that difficult. How much can you win?
  • Other Live Casino Games With Real Money
    There’s a ton of more tables and games to play at the live casino. Have you tried Deal or no Deal? Or Monopoly? What about Lightning Dice? Or Craps? The live casino has all of this and more, just have a look at the best gambling sites at the top of this page.

I Wanna Be the Very Best!

You might know the lyrics, but do you know the best online gambling sites?

We have listed what we think are the top online casino with real money at the top of this page, but how do you find the best one? Even though a casino is at the top of our list, it might not be the best for you.

Here’s Why.

You might love slots, live casino, lottery, or Sportsbet. And what you really like, might be the most boring thing for someone else. That’s why you should check out not only our rating but also the review.

In the review of our top casino sites, you can find if the casino has the kinds of games that you’re looking for. Checking this means that you can choose the very top casino for you on our list. 

So, when you’re looking for the best online casinos for real money, know that it will be here at Viabonus, and it will be the best casino for you.

Depositing at Real Money Casinos

We want the best deposit options when we recommend the best online casinos. These options are Visa and Mastercard, Skrill and Neteller, Paysafecard, Interac, and Ecopayz. Here at Viabonus, we know these are the important payment methods, and that’s why we’re looking for those options when we make our reviews.

Sometimes we just want a $/€5 minimum deposit casino, and it’s important to keep an eye out for this as well. The minimum deposit and withdrawal options can sometimes make or break a casino.

For someone with a large bankroll, a casino with a minimum deposit of $/€50 is nothing, but for someone with only $/€20 to play with, it’s impossible to play at. 

The minimum withdrawal can sometimes also be much higher than the deposit. This is normally seen when there’s no wager requirement on the bonuses or when the casino has especially good bonuses. It might not be a problem for every player, so keep an eye out for that when you choose a real online casino.

Mobile Casinos

Not everyone likes to sit by the computer and play real money casinos – and it shows. Over 40% of all players play on a portable device like a mobile phone or a tablet.

And that’s why real online casinos that we recommend also must be available on mobile to get a high ranking. Some online casinos are available in the browser of your phone, and these are usually pretty easy to use as they probably look very similar to the desktop version.

If you prefer apps though, we have a lot of good news for you. There are plenty of real money casinos that use apps, and these can be downloaded in the Apple store or Google Play store.

Sometimes these kinds of real casino apps are a bit different from the desktop version, and sometimes you have to deposit outside of the app before you can play. But usually, the real money casino app is much easier to use and smoother to play on.

What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and play both real money and free slots at online casino apps or in the browser!

Okay, but How do I Win Real Money?

Looking to earn money online? Or perhaps the best way to make money online?

Either way, this shouldn’t be your goal when playing at real casinos. This kind of mindset usually leads to bad roads, and we wouldn’t want that.

On the other hand, nobody is playing to lose, we’re all trying to have fun and perhaps even go home with a nice stack of cash. If that’s what you want, you should make sure to tick every box in the list below.

  • Look For High Volatility
    The volatility tells you how much and often you win. A high volatility means that you will win less frequently, but you’ll make bigger wins. If your funds are not next to infinite, stay with the low volatility and you can enjoy playing for longer and still have a chance at winning.
  • Always Pick a High RTP
    RTP stands for Return To Player and is the theoretical return to you when you’re playing. You should always go for a slot that you think is fun, but if a slot or a game has a high RTP, that means that you theoretically will win more.
  • Bet High, But Within Your Budget
    The higher the bet, the higher the wins. But if you can only make a handful of bets at the highest bet level, you’re probably not going to win. When it comes to online casino, as a general rule, it’s true that slow and steady indeed wins the race.
  • Have Fun
    If you’re not having fun, then what’s the point? Here at Viabonus, we recommend that you always pick a game you like over the game with the highest stats. That way you’ll have a better time and not be disappointed if you don’t end up winning.

Can I get free real money?

Technically, yes.

Online casinos hand out no deposit bonuses every now and then, and that means that you get bonus money to play for on real money slots. This bonus money can be wagered and turned into free real money later on. And you can withdraw all of that. Or keep playing to win more.

Not everyone has the luck to wager a no deposit bonus, and you shouldn’t chase those kinds of bonuses. It’s not worth your time in the long run, but it can be a great way of trying out the online casino and see if it’s an online casino that you like.

Whenever you’re ready to play for real money, just check out one of the online casinos that we recommend here at the top of this page. Perhaps one of them has a no deposit bonus?

Some Final Words…

Congrats! You’ve made it through. That means that you’re now an expert in real money casinos, the best online slots and you also know how to find the best casino game to win money. 

We always love to hear from you, and you can leave a comment down below or let us know your thoughts on the latest casino review we’ve posted.

If you rather get to playing and potentially winning, you can check out the best casinos at the top of this page.

Here at Viabonus, we wish you the best of luck!

FAQ - Real Money Casino Games

When you’re looking for the best real money casino, you can be sure that you’ll find it here at Viabonus. Just make sure you know what kind of casino you like (slots, live casino, sports, lotto, etc), and filter your results from that.

There are tons and tons of online casinos that have their own apps! When you’re registered at the online casino, have made your deposit, and downloaded the app you can access all of their fun slots. Good luck!

Tricky question! You can look for no deposit bonuses, but it’s a really tough game in the long run when you consider how much time you have to spend and how much you can potentially win. But theoretically, you can take a no deposit bonus, wager it and win a million-dollar jackpot. It’s not impossible!

If you choose one of the real online casinos here on our list, we can guarantee that you’ll be able to play with real money and make real wins. Good luck!