Top 10 online casinos in Canada

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In 2022 we’ve seen plenty of new online casinos popping for Canadian players and there´s also a lot of new games and features coming in the near future. The biggest change in the near future is gonna be the rise of faster payment solutions, Trustly being one of these.

What Is Trustly Pay N Play?

With online gaming ever-evolving, there are always new things that the operators are looking for to make the gaming experience smoother and easier. The concept of no registration casino has been around for a few years now and so far it´s been available for Finland, Sweden Netherlands, Germany, and few other European countries. The idea simplifies the registration and payment process.

Trustly Pay N Play Canada |

Players don´t need to fill the long registration forms, you simply log into your bank account via payment provider Trustly and your player account will be instantly verified. This SSL-secured has been used for years in e-commerce and in 2016 it landed in the online gaming world with Ninja Casino and No Account Casino being the first to provide this revolutionary concept. Also via Trustly Pay N Play, the winnings can be withdrawn sometimes in less than 5mins!

So what is Trustly? Read more info from below.

Trustly Canada

In the past few years, Trustly as a payment provider has come ever more popular amongst casino players. Swedish-originated Trustly was founded in 2008 and ever since it has revolutionized e-commerce payment with its simple and safe SSL-secured payment options. The concept of no registration casino was pretty much invented by Trustly and the first online casinos to utilize this fast payment option were No Account Casino and Ninja Casino.

With Trustly the casino payments can be done instantly and if you happen to win at the casino the withdrawal of the winnings will land your account in 5-15mins. Via Trustly the customers don´t need to verify the player accounts with KYC-documents (Know Your Customers) since the verification of the person is done via SSL-secured transaction, the same way it´s done if you use your bank account in e-commerce stores.
So far the Trustly has been available in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany, but Trustly will be soon available firn Canadian players too.

The Benefits of Trustly

So, what’s in it for me? Why should you use Trustly as a payment option? When it comes to the benefits of using the Trustly at online Casinos, just check the list below;

  • Find a new Canadian Online Casino from our list and click deposit.
  • Select Trustly as a payment provider and enter your information to access your bank account.
  • Verify by using your BankID / Online banking credentials, and select the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Play your favorite casino games, and once your session is over, you click withdrawal.
  • The winnings will be transferred to your bank account sometimes less than 5mins

As you see above the Trustly has become the most efficient payment option in online casinos globally. The Pay’s Play concept has been quickly adopted by players due to its fast withdrawals and no need for complicated and time-consuming registration progress.

How To Find the Best Canadian Online Casino?

So how did we determine what is the best online casino in Canada? We’ve gone through thousands upon thousands of online casinos. We’ve reviewed them and we’ve played at their games. We’ve gotten help from other players and read actual player’s personal reviews of the casinos. And it’s taken some time. We’re still working hard to upload everything at lightning speed, but sometimes there might one or two of the casinos that you know that we haven’t gotten to yet. If this is the case, let us know. We’re sure that we have gone through them, but just not finalized the review yet. If enough people want us to hurry up with the review, we will.

While we’ve been going through each online casino – so you don’t have to – we’ve listed all of the details about the casinos and we’ve had a specific checklist that we’ve been following for all of them. What does this checklist contain, you might be asking? That is what we want to go through here. We want to let you know all of the details of the games available to the Canadian market, all of the bonuses and payment providers that you can enjoy as well as which casinos have mobile apps and how we’ve ranked them. But before we go into all of those details, we want to have a chat about what it’s like to play at an online casino in Canada.

Gambling In Canada

To play and gamble in Canada is a bit of a grey zone. What does that mean? As you might know, Canada doesn’t give out licenses or offers a specific governing body for online casinos. It’s not legal to offer online casino in Canada, but it’s also not illegal. And that doesn’t mean that there’s a free-for-all where all kinds of illegitimate scammers are lurking around. Gambling in Canada is regulated, to some degree. Basically, as a Canadian, you’re not allowed to be in an illegal betting house. But online casinos are legal in their jurisdiction, especially if they have a European gambling license. That means that you can safely play at these online casinos. And, of course, we help you find all of the best legit online casinos in Canada.

Keep in mind that laws and regulations change all the time, and this text might be out of date in a couple of days or it might be accurate for another 10 years. We do our best to keep all of our information up to date, but we’re also humans and sometimes we might miss a couple of things. If you want to be completely sure of what kinds of laws are applicable at the moment of reading this, we recommend you check with your local government or a lawyer. We’re sorry to say that we’re not lawyers, we just want you to have a great experience as a player.

Regulations & Licences

With that said, are there any other regulations to Canadian players? The best online casinos in Canada offer all of the payment providers you need and are allowed to use, and we’ll go through them in a little bit. When it comes to game providers, we’ve not found any regulations that would stop any provider of slot games to not operate in Canada, so you will be able to enjoy all of the wonders of an online casino like the European players. However, if you live in BC (British Columbia), there might be different regulations, especially when it comes to sports betting. The BCLC (British Columbia Lottery Corporation) has recently considered changing the regulations for betting on a single sports match. So, if you’re looking for the best online casino for BC in Canada, you might have different options than your neighbors.

But what about online casinos like Yukon Gold that are only offering to the UK? If you enter an online casino that offers their services in the tightly regulated country of United Kingdom as well as opening up to Canada, you can be sure that the casino will take good care of you. The UK Gambling Commission values us, the players, as the most important part in these cases and wants us to stay safe. The tough regulations will keep you safe and you will be able to trust these casinos. They are one of the best.

Live Casino Games For Canadians

The best part about playing at online casinos from all over the world is that you have access to everything that everyone else has. That means that you can play slots, table games, bingo, and so many more games. We have also checked out the best online live casino games for Canada, so let’s go through some of them.

When it comes to table games and live casino, there’s three that are the absolute biggest ones. The first of the most popular games when it comes to living casinos is blackjack. If you’ve never tried it, you should! The game is fairly easy, each card has a value and the goal is to get closest to 21 points without going over. You’re also playing against the house and other players, so you need to be the closest of everyone. It’s a classic game and even if you think you might not need to know exactly how to play it, the likelihood that your friends will want to play around is high. Blackjack is featured in tons of movies and knowing how to play it is a part of our culture as humans in many ways. You can try out the game live or just watch other people play it at one of the best online casino blackjack games in Canada that we have listed here.


What about the best roulette at online casinos in Canada? We have that too. Chances are that you have also seen this game, either in a movie or even just talked about in all kinds of social settings. Roulette is the second game we’re mentioning of the classic games, and it’s not for nothing it’s so famous. The thrill of seeing the ball bounce between the pockets of numbers and colors is exciting. If you happen to be one that has lived under a rock and never seen a roulette wheel before, or maybe just aren’t sure about all of the details, here’s a quick summary. Basically, roulette is a wheel that spins in one direction and the dealer spins a small ball in the opposite direction. As the ball loses momentum, it will eventually fall to the face of the wheel. The wheel has different pockets that are numbered and have alternating red and black colors. The goal is to guess the specific number, odds or evens, color or a specific range of numbers, that the ball will land on.


The last we will mention of the top-three of the best live casinos is baccarat. This fantastic game is won by successfully betting on the winning person. There are two players, but there can be hundreds of people betting. The dealer deals four cards, two to the “player” and two to the “bank”. Just like in blackjack, each card in baccarat has a value. Depending on the points, another card can be dealt or the highest hand wins. Sometimes there’s a tie, and of course, you can bet on that too. If you’re ever looking for the best online casino in Canada that offers baccarat, we have them listed here at Viabonus.


Bonuses play a giant role whenever you need to find the best online casino in Canada. We’re always looking for awesome and exclusive offers, and you will be able to find them all here at Viabonus. As we mentioned, we have gone through hundreds of online casinos to find the absolute best for our amazing Canadian players, but even though we have done all of that work we can’t choose who will love the bonuses that we love. Everyone has a different opinion, but we try to list the bonuses according to what most people are likely to love.

For the best free spins for online casinos in Canada, you would probably want three-digit free spins. At the very least you’d expect over 50 free spins for a decent deposit. And we get it, the ones of us that love free spins would expect the same. Therefore, we have listed the best online casinos in Canada that offer the freest spins. Because you need to be able to find the online casino that you prefer, and quickly. We have spent hours upon hours just researching the different online casinos so that you can reap the rewards and choose the absolute best.

But if you’re more into deposit bonuses, we have those covered as well. You shouldn’t be left out just because you like to choose whichever game you want to spend your bonus on. We have all kinds of exciting and good deposit bonuses because some don’t like the extreme bonus options and rather prefer the matched deposit bonus. If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to depositing bonuses in Canada, we have those listed as well. And in this case, we define the best deposit bonuses as the ones with the highest percentage. You won’t be disappointed!

Real Money At Online Casinos

Playing for real money is one of the great things about playing at any online casino. Whatever you win, you get to keep it right away. The best part with playing at an online casino is to win, whether it’s in Canada or anywhere else, and I think we can all agree on that. But which casino is the best online casino to win money in Canada? It’s a little bit of a tricky question.

Let me explain why.

All games that reputable casinos offer, like NetEnt, Microgaming, or Evolution Gaming, are all regulated. These have to provide their games according to very specific and detailed rules, and nobody can do anything to the games in order to change that. That means if you want to win money, you can do that at just about any casino. But what makes the casinos so different is not just the games they offer, but also the way they present it, their support, and how nice it is to play at their site. So, the best paying online casino in Canada isn’t really the best paying online casino, per se. It’s more about the best paying games and the top casino games that you can play with real money.




We’ve detailed all of that information in our article about slots. If you haven’t checked it out, you should.

RTP – Return To Player

But why do I sometimes have more luck at one casino and not the other? The answer is in the question, you’re being lucky. Playing at online casinos is all about being lucky, having the right timing, and managing to randomly hit the right pay-out. But the casino is all about feeling lucky, and we get it that you sometimes feel luckier in one place rather than the other. So how do we test the top online casino that you can play at with real money? We go for the RTP (return to player) of the games, the higher, the better. You can at any point check out our list of best online casinos in Canada where you can play with real money. It’s updated all the time, so keep us in your bookmarks.

Payment Providers In Canada

There are tons of great payment providers for Canadians, and we will list some of the best and most popular here. To start off, we have the well-known e-wallet Skrill. With Skrill, you can top up your e-wallet account with any method you prefer and then use these funds to play at your favorite casino. Another popular e-wallet that is often mentioned together with Skrill is Neteller. However, unfortunately, Canadians are unable to use Neteller after they moved their business away from Canada. But if you used to like Neteller, you can try out Skrill for any of your online casino needs.

  • Trustly

As mentioned at the beginning of this article Trustly is the best payment option since it allows the “no registration casino” concept. While this is not available yet in Canada, it will be coming in the near future, and were looking very forward to it. The basic version of Trustly is somewhat available already in Canada since Trustly has provided the service to e-commerce stores for years now, however, the Pay N Play -version is not yet available.

  • Instadebit

The next popular payment method is Instadebit, which is similar to Skrill but where you can deposit to the online casino directly from your bank account, without the need of a card. In many ways, Instadebit is very similar to PayPal, which is the next one in the line of best payment providers in Canada for online casinos. If you need a simple way to deposit, there are plenty of online casinos that provide PayPal. So, if you want to know which one of them that is the best, you can check out our list of the best online casinos that provide PayPal for Canadian players.

  • PayPal

With PayPal, Instadebit, and Skrill out of the way, we now have two kinds of deposit methods left that we want to highlight here. First of the final two is Paysafecard. This is a fantastic method if you don’t want to use a digital solution. You just have to pick up the receipt or card at any store that sells Paysafecards. You can choose from C$10, C$30, C$50, C$100, C$150, or C$250. Once you have your Paysafecard you can enter the unique code of your card into the online casino that accepts the payment method and you’ll quickly be able to play your favorite games.

  • Visa

Last, but certainly not least, we have Visa. There’s plenty of different kinds of Visas and they have different functions. Most online casinos accept most Visa cards, and chances are that you already have a Visa card close at hand. But if you don’t, perhaps you have a Mastercard instead? No problem! Most of the online casinos that offer deposits with Visa also offer deposits with Mastercard. If any of these cards are credit cards, we just want to send you a friendly reminder to perhaps set a limit to your online casino account so that you don’t spend more than what you can afford. Hopefully, you already have plenty of safeguards in place and if so, we can only wish you the best of luck. Those was the top payment providers that we think are the best when it comes to online casinos, and we hope you think so too. Let’s check out our reviews next.

Casino Reviews and Ranks

This is surely one of the most important things to consider when it comes to finding the best online casino in Canada. We have plenty of reviews here at ViaBonus and we’re determined to always find the best of the best. So, how do we find the #1 best online casino in Canada through our reviews? It’s all in how we review these Canadian casinos. We have a very detailed ranking system where we define how well the casino is doing in several different areas, like bonuses, payment options, games, mobile-friendliness, and how nice the site is to use. Just using this system, you can quickly see which ones are at the top of all of the Canadian online casinos. But the review doesn’t end there.

Whenever we write a review of any online casino, we make sure to test it all ourselves first. This is to be completely sure that everything we write is up to date and accurate for when we post it. There are so many incorrect reviews that are not made in 2021, but rather five to ten years ago. And you can just imagine how many old references, old games and wrong bonuses are listed in those reviews. With ViaBonus, you can be sure that whatever you’re reading, it’s up to date and it’s the best and most researched reviews of online casinos in 2021. And we wouldn’t even dream of doing it any other way for any of our reviews or other texts, whether they are available in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

We also make it easy for you to find the best online casinos in Canada that we have ranked, you can find them all here with just a click of a button at ViaBonus. If you’re not ready to read a lot of text where we help you figure out the best parts of the online casino, you can also take a look at the rated casinos to find the best one in Canada. We help you figure out which online casino you will love the most and also which one you might prefer out of the tons and tons of casinos out there. You shouldn’t spend hours trying to figure out what casino would be the top reviewed one in 2020, we have done all of the hard work for you. Just take a look at our list of the best online casinos and see for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Apps and Mobile Play

Everyone today lives their life with their phone very close to them. We have much easier access to our phones than any other device and we usually check something on our phones before we check anywhere else. But if the app or website isn’t good enough on or mobile device, we have to pick up our computers with a sigh. We don’t think that online casinos should be like that. Therefore, we also help you find the best online casino apps in Canada. It’s essential that you can do whatever you like on mobile and especially try out your luck. Sometimes you just have that feeling that you will have a great win, but you’re nowhere close to a computer. We certainly wouldn’t want you to skip out on a potential win, so we know that it’s important to have access to good mobile casinos.

But how can you find the best online casino for mobile in Canada? It’s easy, we’ve reviewed all of them and highlighted the ones that can offer mobile-friendly websites or even an app. We know the importance, so we’ve already made sure that we tell you if you can enjoy the casino on your commute, in the couch or if you should just keep to the desktop version. We’re not afraid to be harsh in our reviews, and we wouldn’t want you to believe that an online casino works great on mobile but whenever you try for yourself, it doesn’t bring you fun but only leaves a headache. So, if you need the best mobile- or app-friendly casino, we have them all listed for you. Just like we mentioned earlier, no matter if you’re located in Canada or anywhere else in the world.

Fresh and New

To find the best online casinos of 2020, it’s important to visit places where they keep updating their reviews and keep writing fresh articles. The same goes if you want to know the best new online casinos in Canada, you need to go to websites where their passion is to keep updating themselves, keep fresh content coming and keep updating their ranks, of course. I don’t think you’d be surprised if I said that here at ViaBonus, this is at our core. We do everything we can to always be listing the newest casinos, the best casinos, whether it be now in 2020 or next year or the next.

But how do we find these best online casinos of 2021 that are available to Canada? To find the best, we always re-evaluate our rated casinos after a while. If something major has changed, we will update it so that you know the new deal with the casinos. The worst-case scenario is reading a great review, getting really excited and then clicking on the links to find out that the casino has completely changed. Nothing looks like the photos, none of the bonuses are active and there are fewer payment providers. And we want to avoid that experience at all costs.

Whenever we want to find the newest online casinos, we always do our research. We check new licenses that are issued in different countries, we check the latest news in the casino world, and we keep our ears to the ground. We do hours of hard work that you don’t have to do. You just have to refresh Viabonus to see what exciting new offer from the best online casinos in Canada 2020 has to offer. We don’t know how else we would make it easier for you, without visiting you at home and handing you the list straight to your hands.

Choosing the Very Best

With all of these great tools we have outlined here, how do we then choose which one is the best online casino in Canada? It’s a very difficult task and it’s not easy. The problem with choosing the very best casino sites is that everyone’s perception of the best casino is different. What your friend Joe might think of a specific casino might not be at all in line with what your other friend Jane thinks. Joe loves bingo, keno, and even sometimes live monopoly. But Jane prefers slots and live blackjack and doesn’t see any fun in bingo at all. The problem then is that we can’t possibly list the best casino that would satisfy both of these players. We have the same problem here at ViaBonus, some of us love to get free spins on signup while others prefer the highest deposit bonus and yet another doesn’t want to bother with that at all, they just want to deposit and play at the casino with the fastest withdrawals, preferably within a couple of minutes.

How Do We Rank Online Casinos?

Even though this creates some problems for us whenever we want to find the top online casino sites for Canada, we still have to be thankful. Because we humans are amazing and the fact that we are all so different is something we should embrace and value. But we do have a little trick that we use. When we want to list the best online casino in Canada, we start by checking the ranking that we have done for these very casinos. This is the perfect tool because it is unbiased and based on a very firm set of rules. With this ranking system, we don’t have to worry about what Joe or Jane likes, because the ranking system helps us figure out what the best casino is by looking at how many games they have, how good they are on mobile, what their payment system is like and many more factors. By defining that we create a perfect measuring tape for taking out the best of the best. Simply put, the top online casinos are the ones with the highest score. And from this, you can find the online casino that specifies in bingo, live casino, slots, or sports betting – and therefore find the absolute best online casino for you specifically.

If you want to know how our reviews and ranking works, you can find all of the specific details on how we rank the best online casinos for Canada in our article about our reviews. There you will be able to find all of the details you need to make sure that we are not kidding when we say that we know how to find the best online casinos. So, in other words, you will be able to find the best online casino for Canada by checking out our list of the best online casinos, then simply choose the one that has the games that you prefer and that you want to play. We wish you the very best of luck!

References For the Gambling In Canada

We review the best Canadian casino list each month. This way we can ensure that we only recommend the best sites for the Canadian players. We use the following references to create this page and keep everything up to date. The list includes official sites for gaming licences, problem gambling and other unbiased information.



FAQ - Online Casinos in Canada

Frequently asked questions

At Viabonus, we have done the digging for you. By thoroughly researching the overwhelming selection of casino sites on the internet comparing bonuses, site features, payment providers, licenses, and more, we can ensure that we only give you the best of the best. So you can focus on the fun part and never have to worry about the legitimacy or quality of the casino you are playing at. If you are interested in the best bonuses in Canada, please visit our bonuses page.

With Trustly, both payment and withdrawals to your bank account can be made instantly. You don’t need to go through time-consuming verification processes for your player accounts with tons of KYC documents (Know Your Customers). The person’s verification is done automatically via an SSL-secured transaction.

So far, Trustly has been made available in Finland, Sweden, Netherlands, and Germany, but Trustly will be soon available for Canadian players too.

Canada does not have its own gambling license like the UK, but Canadians can still enjoy the same casino site selection as most European countries. Here are some of the licenses that offer online games to players in Canada:


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Viabonus Editorial Team

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