What is Free Video Poker? 

These are the most popular games with widespread availability to every player. Free video poker costs you nothing and eliminates the risk factor of money loss. Generally, a newbie plays these games to gain experience and a firm grasp of the games’ rules to polish their gaming skills.

Out of the lot, whichever game you choose to play, it will always be exciting and thrilling! Do not miss out on playing the best free video poker on a new online casino in 2021. Stay hooked until the end of this guide to know some amazing facts that free video poker games have to offer. Keep reading!

Best Video Poker available online: Expert review 2021

We know there are hundreds of poker games that you can play online. Are you curious to know what are the best ones available for free? We have listed below four top-rated all-time favorite video pokers, famous among online gamblers. Read on to know more!

Jacks or Better

  • It is one of the top free poker games, easily accessible, and undoubtedly much fun to play.
  • The basic concept here is that the player is provided with five cards, and they need to be held as deem necessary. New cards replace the ones not held.
  • Even if you know all the strategies required for this game, you must not bet high all at once. Start with small stakes initially, develop the skills through practice and soon earn real money in a real money poker game flawlessly!

Deuces Wild 

  • It is also a popular poker video game where you have to deal with five cards initially, but the advantage lies in the deuces, which act as wild cards.
  • These wild cards can easily replace other cards to bring a winning combination.
  • With a payout of 100.7%, this game has the upper hand while playing for real money.
  • What makes this game highly intriguing for the players is that the wild cards increase the winning possibilities to a great extent!

Double Bonus Poker

  • The gameplay and functions of this game are pretty similar to Jacks or Better. However, this popular variant offers the smart players a slight edge in the house with the right pay tables.
  • The game takes a step further by doubling the payout rate for these hands and offering much bigger payouts for a hand of quads. Landing on four aces gets you a winning hand.
  • You need to expertise the game through thorough practice to win big.

Joker’s Wild

  • This fun kind of free poker game uses an additional joker to enhance the winning odds.
  • Initially, you need to draw random five cards and then strategize the game. You need to decide very carefully which cards you wish to hold.
  • The Joker acts as a wild card, which means it can pretend like any card in any rank and suit deck. This card can substitute any other card of your choice.

How to play Free Video Poker: Easy step by step guide

A new online casino offers several poker games which are fun and enjoyable once mastered. Want to know how to play smoothly? Let’s walk you through our handy how-to-play guide to help you with some amazing tips!

Step 1: The very initial step is to choose the video poker game of your liking out of the hundreds of games available online.

Step 2: Whatever poker game you choose, we recommend you to be thorough with the rules and procedure of the game properly to plan the tactics and strategize accordingly. It maximizes the chances of winning that specific game you’re playing since many video poker variants can be different.

Step 3:  After choosing the game, you need to place the bet size and decide how many credits you want to bet on each hand.

Step 4: After setting your wager, you have to hit the “Deal” button, and the machine will automatically show your hand on the deal.

Step 5: Now, decide carefully which cards you want to hold onto and which cards you wish to discard. Click on the “Hold” button under each card that you want to keep in your hand.

Step 6: After choosing the cards you want to hold; the game will automatically replace your discarded cards.

Step 7: If you are having trouble figuring out your hand, don’t worry. The game will tell you the best possible combinations you can make with your hand by highlighting it on the paytable at the top of the screen.

While playing video poker games, you must know that whether you win or lose, or by how much you win, it is only determined by the value of your hand that’s drawn.

Playing Online Poker Video games: Benefits you must know

Want to know why free online video poker games are simply the best? We have listed few significant advantages that favour free video poker in a new online casino. Read on!

  1. You can enjoy the fantastic games without any sign-up, deposit, or registration requirement.
  2. You can play free in the browser without downloading the game in a new online casino.
  3. This unlimited gameplay feature without investing any real money in the game is the best way to help beginners learn and improve their skills through daily practice.
  4. You do not have to worry about the bankroll, and hence to play games here is risk-free!

How to win Video Poker games?

To win at poker games, you have to follow a smart strategy. You need to keep in mind a few tips and tricks which can help you to lead in online video poker games:

  • The universal fact that practice makes perfect is highly applicable here. Start with free online video poker to improve your skills through learning and simultaneously to have fun, especially if you are a newbie.
  • Want to know a smart hack? You can maintain a cheat sheet relating to the rules and procedures of different poker games. It will help you to get an overview of the game information and guide you accordingly. It comes in handy and is a great help for getting used to the game.
  • While playing the game, you need to know which cards to keep and which are to be discarded or replaced to get a winning combination in the final hand. You need to intelligently plan this basic strategy by assuming and considering different options.
  • The best tip to get your winning chances high is by considering multi-hand poker machine games with a fruitful RTP percentage. The variance is more elevated in multi-hand poker games. Games like Jack or Better, Bonus Poker, and many more have high-yielding payouts that you must consider.

Parting thoughts

Free video pokers are an excellent way to teach poker games to new players and prepare them to deal with real money poker games once they have mastered their skills. Apart from a great source of practice, these games are a lot more fun and engaging to play! So what are you waiting for? Start your journey and enjoy the amazing gameplay. Do let us know about your experience!

FAQ - Online Video Poker

The best way to get good at free video poker games is by practicing. Since these games are for free, play as much as you want to sharpen your skills. Also, you can learn about the rules and payouts of all types of variants which might help you get a winning hand in real money poker games.

One cannot claim just a specific poker game to be the best. Some like bonus games like Double Bonus Poker, while some prefer Jacks or Better to get a winning hand quickly. It is highly subjective of a player’s choice.

You cannot earn real money rewards in free video pokers. These games have no monetary value but help you get a realistic approach to the payouts before putting cash on the line. You can then apply this learning to real money video poker games.


There is no need to download the games when you are playing for free. However, for better work, you can download the app version of the games when you are playing on your mobile. It is optional. The mobile app gameplay is also for free. Many online casinos offer a wide range of video poker game variants for free.