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What is Skrill?

Some might immediately think of the 2010-guy with long, black hair and shaved sides playing dubstep, but that’s Skrillex. Skrill is a payment provider that has been around since 2001, back then it was called Moneybookers. In 2013, they changed the name to Skrill.

They quickly made a name for themselves as a payment provider and have been a part of the online casino industry for over a decade. Skrill’s biggest competitor used to be Neteller, now they are both owned by PaySafe Group, known for their prepaid PaySafe cards.

So, What is Skrill Casino?

There aren’t many online casinos that only accept Skrill as a payment option, so when we say Skrill casino, we’re talking about an online casino that accepts Skrill.

Can I Use Skrill at Online Casinos?

Yes! The vast majority of online casinos offer Skrill as a payment option, so you can pay with Skrill at online casinos. In fact, it’s so popular that we will let you know if an online casino does not have Skrill – because that would be out of the ordinary.

Benefits of Using Skrill at Online Casino

There are many reasons we love to use Skrill when playing at online casinos. One good reason is that you can keep your funds separated from your other finances. This is a good way of keeping track also on how much you spend on gambling.

  • Simple to use. Skrill makes the payment process very simple. You can use cash, credit cards and e-mail transactions via their service.
  • SSL-Secured. Skrill has the highest level of security and transparency for each transaction you make. You will also have your own pin-code to verify the transactions and SMS or e-mail verification.
  • Accessible. Once you’ve registered a Skrill account via their website you can download the app to your mobile. This way you have access to your funds as long you have an internet connection. You can also order Skrill MasterCard, which works in ATMs and wherever MasterCard -prepaid is approved.
  • Affordable. If you make transactions to online casinos, then usually there’s no fee for you. Other transactions are also free or affordable.


How Does Skrill Work?

Easy! First you create an account at Skrill and verify your email. Now you’re ready to use your Skrill account to receive or send money by simply logging in to the merchant’s end. Once you start using Skrill, you will need to verify your account. This is similar to what you do with any online casino – so if you’re used to this process it will be a cakewalk. If not – you just upload a proof of address along with your ID and take a selfie. Done.

So, how do you deposit to online casinos with Skrill? What’s the difference from other payment providers? Let’s go over that!

How Do Skrill Casinos Work?

Will you believe us when we once again say it’s easy? You have your account ready and all you need to do is to choose Skrill at the casino deposit page, select the amount and sign in to confirm with your Skrill account. The deposit is now immediately available on your casino account.  Something we here at Viabonus want to make you aware of is bonuses and Skrill. There are some online casinos that don’t allow bonuses with Skrill or have imposed heavy regulation on Skrill deposits while using bonuses. Just keep an eye out for that if you prefer Skrill and love bonuses.

Can I Use Skrill Mastercard?

If you want to use your Skrill Mastercard at online casinos, we have bad news for you. Skrill themselves does not allow you to use your Skrill Mastercard for online or offline betting, gambling, or casino. Instead, you can just stick with your Skrill account.

Online Casinos That Accept Skrill

We´ve done all the hard work for you and listed all the casinos that accept Skrill as payment. Bear in mind thou that not all the bonuses are available when you use Skrill as a payment method so always remember to check the bonus T&C or ask the casino support. If you can’t wait to visit Skrill accepted casinos, you can go ahead and check our list of the best online casinos right now. Just about everyone accepts Skrill. If you have a couple of seconds extra, you can check out our quick and convenient review.

The Best Online Casinos With Skrill

When it comes to defining what the best online casino is, we have to be honest and let you know that we can never give you a straight answer. There are so many reasons for this, so bear with us while we visit an ice cream shop.

Imagine you would ask your friend to hand you the best ice cream. If your friend knows you, they will select the ice cream they know you like the best. If you asked the same question to an ice cream shop in a town you’ve never visited before, they will probably say that you can have the best-selling ice cream because they can’t know what you prefer.

It’s the same with online casinos. Not only do they come in a million flavors, but they also have different toppings, come in cones, pints, or on a little wooden stick that you might get splinters from if you’re not careful.

But for a good indicator, you should always check on the star ratings from the site that vary from 1-5, five stars being the best. At you can also leave your own comment on the casinos so another good indicator is to check the reviews from real players.

Viabonus Helps You Find the Flavor You Like

What part does Viabonus play in this analogy? We’re not the clerk that sighs and hands you our list of ice creams or just scoops up the best seller with an annoyed look. With a smile we ask you what kind of flavor you like, we listen carefully and then we give you a suggestion based on the information you have given us. 

To bring this from the analogy and back to what we actually do, you can choose what you love with online casinos – bingo, betting, slots, live casino? Perhaps poker, keno, Pay’n Play, or VIP program? Then you can break it down even further – what kind of bonus do you love?

Now you have a list of the best Skrill casinos for you and not just a generic list of casinos with Skrill. How do you know if they offer Skrill? Just about every online casino does – except for Pay’n Play. You can quickly find out if the casino accepts Skrill by checking out our review. This way you can also confirm if the casino is something you will like or not.

Enjoy Your Casino Experience

We hope you now know everything you need to know about casinos with Skrill. It’s a wonderful payment method and as we said, they have been around for a long time and is one of the standard payment methods for online casinos. We wish you the best of luck on your Skrill adventures!