To obtain a Costa Rica Gambling License, the host server of the casino site and its entire data must be physically present on the soils of the country.

The smallest requirement for a gambling site is to host its clients’ database of the server. Applicants must provide their contact email and their full name when completing the application form in order to generate a payment invoice. After paying for the invoice, the applicant will be directed to visit GTOS Viking Platform to access the data. The platform will require the gaming operator to send the following documents for the grant of the gambling license:

  • Bank Reference Letter
  • Curriculum Vitae
  • Notarized Utility Bill Issued in the last 2 months
  • Notarized Passport Copy

In certain cases, additional documents may be requested by the Authority. The processing duration for the licensing and registration of the online gambling establishments may vary between 2 to 4 months. Costa Rica Gambling License will be granted to any gambling establishment that scales through. You might be asking the question, is Costa Rica Gaming License Legit? Yes, it is.

Costa Rica Gambling Licensing

The decision to grant a gambling license to operators is firmly within the discretion and authority of the Local Regulatory Authority. This Authority grants only one license to gaming establishments. The license covers all gambling operations in the country including e-gaming software suppliers, white label operators, affiliates, network operators, and e-gaming service providers

The Costa Rica Gambling License gives online casinos in the country the right to operate legally. Every applicant for the license goes through a strict assessment. This is to ensure that gambling licenses are only granted to the applicants who show that they have integrity and good financial standing so as to protect the global reputation of Costa Rica as an excellent gambling hub.

The Local Regulatory Authority is on hand to provide a catalog of significant improvements for things that do not correspond to requirements. Just one gambling license covers all online gambling activities in Costa Rica. This means that the same license can be used for games of skill, fantasy sports, bitcoin casino, horse racing betting, bingo games, lotto, sports betting, poker games, esports, online casinos, and other related gambling activities. Gaming and gambling establishments all over the world can apply for a Costa Rica Gambling License.

Costa Rica Gambling License Cost

The grant of a Costa Rica Gaming license requires several processes ranging from government fees to due diligence fees, administration fees, notary services, arranging of corporate documents, applying for gambling license and so on.

The registration and licensing of the gaming establishment will cost at least €54,530. This cost varies and it depends on the number of founders involved.


Frequently asked questions

By obtaining a Costa Rica Gambling License, you can offer all kinds of casino games, including card games, roulette, craps, sports betting, betting, bingo, keno, virtual slot machines, and others.

Costa Rica is one of the most favorable jurisdictions for obtaining a license for virtual casinos, lottery, and other online casino games. The legislation of Costa Rica does not regulate the activities of operators in the same way as other, more strict gambling authorities and are seen as more relaxed.

There are a few disadvantages to running a gaming business from the jurisdiction of Costa Rica. First off, Costa Rican residents cannot play at the casino. Secondly, local banks will not process online gaming transactions. Lastly, the United Stated primarily controls the nation’s banking industry, so opening a corporate account can be difficult.

The process of getting a Costa Rica Gaming license can be lengthy and costly. With costs such as government fees, due diligence fees, administration fees, notary services, the registration and licensing of the gaming establishment will cost at least €54,530.

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