Different Casino Bonuses

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus

Welcome Bonus or First Deposit bonus is probably the most common casino bonus. Welcome offer may vary from 100%, 200%, 300%, or even 400% up to a certain value. Let's say you go with a 100% deposit bonus and you deposit €20, the casino then doubles your original deposit amount, so you´ll be able to play with € 40. Welcome Bonus may include also Free Spins, which means that you´ll get for example 100 Free Spins to pre-defined Slot Game. Just remember to check the bonus T&C before depositing, since the bonus terms usually include wagering requirement.

cachback bonus


How does the Cashback bonus work? For example, you might get 10% from your net losses so it softens the blow from losing money. This is especially popular among seasoned casino gamers and high rollers. Cashbacks are getting more and more popular since it´s a great way to remember the loyal customers.

Casino BonusBonus

Free spins

Ah, Free Spins! We just love them. What is Free Spins Bonus? These are true to their name and these you can get with different bonus offers. Free Spins are given to certain games such as classic Starburst for example. Free Spins are offered upon signing up to a new casino and sometimes you´ll get them also if you´re a loyal customer to some specific online casino. Free spins are a fun way to get to know the games and, hopefully, win some money.

Welcome Bonus

VIP Bonuses

As the name indicates the VIP Bonuses are for well seasoned loyal players that usually get special offers from the casinos. Casinos have different types of bonuses for their loyal players and these goodies can vary from Free Concert Tickets, Trips abroad, VIP Booths to your favorite sports game such as NHL, and even 4K TV-sets and so on. VIP Bonuses can also be Cashback Bonuses or huge reload bonuses, it all depends on the casino you´re playing. 

Free Spins

No deposit bonus

Well, who would not love these? What is a No deposit bonus? No deposit bonuses are often given when registering to a new casino. It´s a type of freebie that customers can try out if they like the casino or not. No deposit bonus may vary, it can be free spins or on a rare occasion also free money, such as €5-€10 money to play with. If you find such offers, you definitely should give it a go, it does not cost you anything.

Casino BonusBonus

Free bets

Free bet is a sportsbook offer. How do Free Bets work? Free bets are a great way to test sports betting since they require no deposit from your side. Free bets are often given upon signing up to a new casino, but they can be also given to loyal customers or with other campaigns. If you find a Free bet offer you definitely should take it, since they´re not often given!

Casino BonusBonus

Risk Free Bets

What is a Risk Free Bet and how do I use it? This is a great sportsbook offer too. Risk-Free is true to its name, the player has no risk on this one, whether they win or lose the bet, they still win. Let's say you place a €10 bet on your favorite NHL- team and the team loses, then you get the €10 back. And if you win, then better for you.

However, the free bets (free spins) and bonus money can’t be withdrawn and seen as a win right after our deposit. We will get into that in a little bit.

When it comes to deposit bonuses, the casino usually has specific campaigns for each month, week or day. These bonuses give us a specific benefit that we can choose to partake in or not. Bonus money is also a great way to make our deposit last longer and gives us an advantage. We can make a lot more bets when we have a bonus and, therefore, we have more chances of winning. So, adding a casino bonus to our deposit can be a very good opportunity for winning and gives us a lot more time for fun play at the casino!

Free spins

Free spins truly deserve their own section because there are so many great things to talk about. Free spins (or freespins) are free bets given by the casino that we can use on a game without subtracting anything from our own deposit (or deposit bonus). That means that anything we win with free spins is free to be kept by us without costing us anything. It’s a clear win-win!

Another thing with free spins is that they are typically for a specific game and set to a specific bet amount. Since they are chosen by the casino, these games are the most popular ones or new slots that the casino knows people will like. Sometimes the free spins are on a single game, this is typically when there aren’t as many free spins. Other times when there are fewer free spins, it’s because the bet amount is higher than the ones with a ton of free spins. This means that each free spin is worth a lot more and typically comes with higher winnings as well. If want to know more about how slots work, you can check out our great article on it.

Free spins are exclusively on video slots and can’t be used on table games or live games. Just keep in mind that bonus free spins are not the same as in-game free spins. The free spins inside the video slots are “bonus features”, meaning a built-in function where you can win more on the same bet. Typically, the in-game free spins don’t look the same as the regular spins and usually features more wilds or more chances to win. Bonus free spins are just like playing the regular game, but the casino is paying for you.


Whenever you make a deposit to any casino, you have to wager your deposit at least once. These are regulations that each and every casino has to adhere to. And to make sure that you actually enjoy the casino and try it out properly, bonus money and bonus free spins almost always come with a wagering requirement.

Wagering means that we have to make one or several bets equal to the original amount. So, if we have to wager our deposit at least once and we made a deposit of €100, we would have to make at least €100 worth of bets. That doesn’t mean that we have to spend everything we deposited, because we normally win on some (or many!) of the bets. So, if we bet €5 on every bet, we have to make 20 bets. If we win €300 on our second bet, we still have to make 18 more bets, but we will keep our winnings of at least €300. Hopefully, we will also win a little bit more on those remaining 18 bets.

The same goes for bonuses. The wagering is based on the bonus amount. However, these are typically set to higher wagering because the bonus amount is typically lower than our deposit. And to keep cheaters away, some online casinos also have a max bet, meaning that we can only bet up to a certain amount when the bonus is still active and not wagered. Once we have finished the wagering, the money is ours and we can do whatever we want with it – whether it is playing more or taking the cash and run. But you shouldn’t feel like it would be impossible to wager your bonus! Many wager their deposit bonus quite quickly and easily, and at ViaBonus we absolutely love having a bit of extra fun with a bonus attached to our account when we play online.

But what about free spins? They usually also have a wagering requirement. The wagering amount is based on how much you win with the free spins, so if you win a little, the wagering requirement is low. If you win a lot, it’s a bit higher. Typically the free spins and bonus money are based on the same rules, so if there’s a 20x wagering requirement and a max bet of €50 for the bonus money, it’s typically the same for the free spins.

Welcome bonus

Now that we know all of the ins and outs of free spins and bonus money, we can start looking at welcome bonuses. A welcome bonus is something we get on our first deposit with most online casinos, but some offer a bonus without us having to do anything, not even a deposit. These are casinos that know that we will love their site and their casino and wants us to have a look without it costing us anything at all. Just like the amazing free samples at the grocery store. The best part with these kinds of free spins is that we have the opportunity of wagering our winnings and withdrawing them, without having to make a deposit! We truly love those casinos. They leave you with a feeling of success.

Moving on from the no-deposit free spins we have the first deposit bonus – or welcome bonus. The online casinos that offer this are usually very generous with the bonus and sometimes match it with a round of free spins. You can double your deposit and get 20 free spins at the same time or even get a bonus that is 200% of your deposit and a whopping 50 free spins. It gets a bit crazy with the welcome bonus, and we love it!

Explore the best options for you in our handy list of the top casinos right now or check out our reviews to get a more in-depth check on what the casino is like. We list casinos with no deposit bonuses and those with low wagering requirements, and anything in-between.

Next deposits, codes and low wagering

What happens after the first deposit? Some casinos go by strict rules to only offer the welcome bonus and want us to enjoy the games without any distractions or complicated wagering requirements for the rest of our time with them. Some of these casinos offer a sort of bonus in the shape of cashback. That is just what it sounds like, cash right back into your account which we are free to withdraw right away or play with. These are typically only available to the ones who like to play a lot or from a handful of casinos. The rest normally like to help us out with our deposits by offering free spins or deposit bonuses. These are usually not as insane as the welcome bonuses, because they know we’ve tried out their casino and if we don’t like them, there’s not much else they can do to convince us to stay.

Bonuses come in many shapes and sizes, and some even come with a bonus code. These casinos have a unique code that you can choose to type in when you make your deposit. This way you can actively take the choice to add the bonus to your account or just simply ignore it and keep rocking it with your own cash. The rest typically offer the bonuses automatically on your deposit, but these can normally only be activated during a limited time. We help you find both casinos with automatic bonuses and those where you enter your own code, just take a look at our reviews or the casino list.

Best casino bonuses of 2021

What are the best casino bonuses for 2021? It’s a difficult question to answer, and we believe that it is up to each and every individual to find what casino they like the best. But if you’re in need of another person’s opinion, then you can take a look at our amazing list of casinos. We give our view on the biggest, the newest and the best casinos that we like in the business. We’re sure that you will be able to find your preference here.

And to help you with which one to choose, you can take a look at the welcome bonuses, the payment options, and our rating of each online casino. All of which are incredibly easy to find, just like they should be. Once you’ve found something of interest, you can either try out the games with no deposit free spins or you can invest a little more by making your first deposit and enjoy hours of fun games and wins by the slot machines. If you prefer no bonuses on your deposit, you can also try out the thrill of live table games where you can communicate directly with the dealer.

Different Bonuses, for different players

The best casino bonus is, as we’ve said, a difficult thing to determine. Everyone has a different opinion on what is the absolute best, and we get very defensive when someone challenges our opinion! To show you what we mean, we’re going to share what everyone has said about their favorite bonus here at Viabonus. One person said that their absolute best bonus is when there are no free spins and only a deposit bonus. They like to feel how good the slot is at the moment and wants to jump between several of them until they find one that will bring a lot of wins in a row. This person never sees the need for free spins in any kind of bonus. Then we have the free spins lover, this person doesn’t have a particular favorite game and likes when someone else makes the decision. Thanks to all the exciting free spins, this person has tried so many new games that they wouldn’t have done otherwise. This person also loves the thrill of a set amount of spins and the fact that it doesn’t touch the real money. Once the free spins are over, you usually have a nice win, and you can start winning even more with the deposit. This person also said that they usually go for casinos that offer free spins without deposit – and we can see why!

100% and 200% deposit bonus

Lastly, we have, to no surprise to anyone, the person who likes a bit of both. This person said that they don’t mind either of the options and usually goes for a welcome bonus that offers about 100% bonus and about 50 free spins. They said that there’s no need for the crazy 200% or the 200 free spins because it gets a little too much. It’s worth noting that this person usually only likes to get a welcome bonus and usually ignores all other bonuses that show up later.

We sure are a very diverse group here at Viabonus.com, but regardless of which bonus you prefer, or which casino will become your favorite, we believe that we have the perfect option for you. Just take a look at our list of casinos, and you will be surprised at which ones you’ve never seen before.