How to play Slot Games?

Betting on slot games is easy, you just chose the amount you want to bet, and you place the bet by spinning the reels. Playing on slots is usually not a “one bet and go” type of deal, so we don’t recommend betting your entire deposit on the first spin. That said, you are still just as likely to win the jackpot on your first spin as you are on your 100th or 1000th, that’s a legal requirement for the game providers. Depending on the provider, you usually also have unique features of the slots that they have invented. 

Best slot game providers

NetEnt usually offers a bet level and a coin value. This usually brings up a lot of questions, so we’ll explain it. First of all, each bet is based on the number of coins you want to bet. You can imagine the coins to be like tokens for an arcade machine. The bet level isn’t relying on the bet lines. Instead, it impacts the wins you have, and the higher the level, the higher the bet. Bet level basically increases the number of coins you bet per spin, and the coin value is simply the value of each of those coins. This makes the bet more customizable, and you can enjoy many more betting options per spin. 

The game provider NetEnt also have unique game features. One example is the classic ReelRush that opens up more possible winning combinations for each time you win, from 45 to 3125 ways to win. You can also enjoy the more recent game, Street Fighter, that is more advanced with multiple characters that determine if you win big or win often and with unique bonus rounds where you can get your hands on some serious cash. All in the theme of the classic nostalgic game Street Fighter.

Besides NetEnt, we also have Yggdrasil, Play N Go, Microgaming, Quickspin and many, many more. Each game provider is unique in their way of creating not only games and their visuals but also the gameplay and bonus round features. We’ve only looked at NetEnt and how they are unique. Perhaps that gives you an insight into what the other providers could be innovating and what exciting gameplay they offer. Most online casinos have a smorgasbord of game providers, so if you want to check some out, we recommend you to choose the online casino that speaks the most to you. We list the best of the best here at ViaBonus and make it easy for you, the way it should be. 

Safe or rigged slots

There are a lot of people that wonder how slot games work and if they are rigged to the number of times you press the “Spin” button or how many people are online. Some wonder if the casino can adjust your wins as an individual player. Although it might seem like you’re selected to not win, the number of wins and how jackpots are paid out are extremely regulated by the countries that the game provider has their license in, as well as the country the casino has their license in. That means that casinos that offer their services in some countries need to have all of their games on the same license. So, if you want to make sure that the games you want to play are legal, you can just check the license that the casino has, and you can rest assured that all their games are also just as highly regulated.  Just keep in mind that it is illegal to rig games, so any online casino that wants to keep their doors open and their reputation good would never add any rigged games to their site.

What is RTP?

Now we can take a look at the best online slot games to play to win. Before we go into which ones are the best, we have to know how RTP works. RTP stands for Return to Player, and whether you can see it or not, it’s there. RTP is basically how high the chance of your bet being a winning one is. Typically there is not a required minimum per game, but it’s usually pretty high because nobody wants to keep playing on a slot machine that never lets you win. The percentage is usually calculated over 10.000 to 100.000 (or more) bets, which means that you normally won’t hit the RTP percentage over just 100 bets, so you shouldn’t count on a certain return per each deposit. When it comes to RTP, you might have figured out that the higher the number, the better. But slots shouldn’t only be about calculating the best possible win option, it should also be fun. We always recommend finding a game you love with a medium to high RTP instead of a game with the highest RTP that bore you. 

Random Number Generator on Slot Games

Besides RTP, there’s RNG. RNG stands for Random Number Generator and is the function that is highly regulated by governing agencies. RNG is the heart of the slot and is running even when nobody is playing the game, just like your heart is beating even when you’re sleeping. The position of the reels and what symbol is displayed, is based on the RNG and nobody can change it, not the game provider, the casino, the individual support agent, or any employee. Humans are notoriously bad at random numbers; we like to see patterns in everything. So when you’re winning 5 times in a row, it’s your good luck that’s showing and not someone who has changed a setting for you. 

Bonuses with slots

Most online casinos offer you free spins either when you register or when you make deposits. This is a great way to try out some slot games online for free and have the chance to win some cash that you can withdraw later. Many online casinos also offer the option to play with bonuses on most of their slots. However, this usually doesn’t include progressive jackpots. With bonuses you can try a ton of games without having to spend your real money, and you can get a great feeling for which ones you really like. 

The thing with the above bonus options is that you usually have to deposit in order to partake, but most game providers offer you to play for fun. This is different from free spins on registration. Playing for fun means that you don’t play with real money but get to test the game without any stakes to see if it’s a game for you. The best part with these free slots online is that you don’t have to download or install anything to play them! You just choose to play for fun, and you’re on your way.

Bonus games and rounds on Slots

The best part of playing video slots, especially the newer slots, are the bonus rounds. We are constantly impressed with the creative bonus rounds that the game providers offer. It can be anything from all people turning into werewolves during the free spin full moon in the game Blood Moon Wilds from Yggdrasil – to Microgaming’s golden wagon wilds in the game Mining Fever. And there are about an infinite amount of options in-between.

For the ones who prefer to play only with real money, you can play at any online casino without a bonus and get your winnings paid out right away. You just have to choose to cancel your bonus, not activate it on your deposit or check out our recommendations for online casinos without bonuses.

Jackpot slots

One type of slot that is certainly not at the bottom of the list of kinds of slots, is jackpots. These are games where you can win a ton of money – literally the jackpot – from one single spin. There are two types of jackpots, the regular jackpot and the progressive jackpot. Let’s start with the regular ones, these pay out a high amount of money once you hit the jackpot, and is usually a bit easier to actually hit compared to the progressive one. The game normally looks just like any other slot game, but once you get into the free spins mode or bonus round, you can win a lot more than you can with the regular video slots.

Now that you’re familiar with the jackpot video slots, we can go into the progressive jackpot slots. Progressive means that the jackpot increases for each bet that a person makes on the slot, but it’s not only you that influence the jackpot. The game is hosted by the game provider and shared across several online casinos, meaning that thousands of people contribute to the increased jackpot. Once the jackpot is big enough, the RNG – that we talked about earlier – triggers the jackpot to be paid out. But it’s not triggered at the same jackpot amount each time, and that means that you have as big of a chance to get the jackpot as your neighbour. However, if you play more, you increase the likelihood that the jackpot trigger will happen to you. We have seen jackpots that go over €10.000.000! If you take part in the jackpot slots and win, don’t forget that you learned all about them from us!

Best and newest video slots of 2020

There are a ton of new games being released all the time, and it’s understandable when you look to all of the different game providers out there. There are game providers that are made by big online casinos, and their games are distributed to other online casinos. Then there are the very small game providers that are incredibly innovative and are climbing the ranks as we speak. But some of the ones you’ve probably heard of are NetEnt, Microgaming, Play N Go, Yggdrasil and Quickspin. Each and every one of these game providers normally come out with at least one new game per month, that means that there are one or more new games every week! 

So far, it’s been a really exciting 2020 with a ton of new games. Some of these new games have really high payouts, and you can find the specific RTP (explained above) just about everywhere. The newest games of 2020 are usually added as soon as they are available to the online casino unless they are exclusive to a particular casino. If we know that a really fantastic game is exclusive, we’ve let you know in our review of the casino. Exclusive games are usually very fun and interesting, and we highly recommend you try some of them!

Which game is the best one of all, then? It is a very personal opinion, but to help you out we have asked around here at ViaBonus, and we got very mixed responses. Some only go for the looks, sound, and feel of the slot. For example, some love the football slots, and others like them more fairy and dreamy slots or the music-based slots. Others only choose the game based on the RTP, and they play exclusively on one or two of the highest RTP-rated video slots. Then we have the ones who only play the newest of the new. As soon as there is a new slot in town, they abandon the old and try their luck at the freshest game. And since we have the new-slot-hunters, we can’t have the ones who just love the good old classic slots like Starburst. As you might be able to tell, we have very different opinions on which slot is the best, and we want you to explore the ones you like the most. You can try them all with real money or check them out in the mode play for fun. Let us know which ones you love the most!