Finding the Best Casino in 2021

Sometimes we get a little bored with the same old layout of the big online casinos. And we don’t want to spend hours upon hours to find a good-looking new casino that we haven’t been to before. Viabonus has created an incredible system where we do all of the work for you. At a glance you will be able to see all of the new online casinos available to you and how much bonus they offer you for signing up. Or, if they reward the ones who love to bet with only real money.

Whatever you’re into, we have the solution for you. Here at Viabonus, we’re very picky when we choose who to add to our lists, and we make very detailed and difficult tests before we decide to publish. We only care about you, and what you will experience on the site.  New online casinos show up on the market almost every week, and we’re dedicated to showing you only the best ones. We’re adding new reviews and online casinos to our site every day before everyone else talks about them. 

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Best Bonuses Available

If there’s something we know a lot about, it’s bonuses. There’s a sea of options to choose from, and we help you find the ones you like the most. In some online casinos, you can even play for free and get winnings out without having to make a deposit.

With others, you get a really nice first deposit bonus. That bonus will help you play for many more hours and therefore giving you a better likelihood of hitting the winning bet. 

Some of us love to play in test mode, and most casinos offer that option for us. It’s important though to keep in mind that while playing games for free, it’s not with real money and you can’t make a withdraw. But the function of the game is still the same, and we can expect to have a similar – but never identical – experience when playing with real money. The games are built and made the same way as the “real” version, where we’re playing with real money, but we don’t have to spend anything. The fantastic reason why these test modes even exist, besides us who like to play for free, is that we can try out the game and see if it’s something for us before we experience the true thrill of spending real money on the game.

Slot Games

Once we know our favorite slots, we can start looking for online casinos that help us play for longer. Bonuses come in many shapes and sizes. Some offer free spins without the need for a deposit – a great way to play without investing anything yourself.

Others offer bonus money on our first deposit – and this one is usually very generous. When getting bonus money, we can choose whichever slot we would like to bet on.

When we get free spins, these are instead only available on a specific game. But we can sometimes be a little lucky and have the option to choose between a handful of games. Then we have the final category of bonuses – that is a combination of both options. Some very generous online casinos give us bonus money AND free spins for us to play with. This way, we can get familiar with their platform and see how nice and fast we can wager, win, and withdraw.

We carefully review each online casino before we recommend them to you. This means that you will get the best of the best and you will easily see what bonuses are available, and you can cherry-pick the ones you like the most. We want it to be easy because we know what it’s like when you just want to get started, preferably 10 minutes ago.



Welcome Bonus

100% up to 500€ + 200 Free Spins

Minimum deposit: €5

Wagering terms: x35

Available in United States: No

No Deposit Bonus

Not everyone sees the need for bonuses, some of us just want to get straight to the point and be able to withdraw from the first win. We understand the need for this and have helped out by making it incredibly easy to find online casinos where we can play with real money right away.

We get it, sometimes we just want to get right down to business and not bother with keeping track of wagering requirements and game restrictions that come with having an active bonus. And even if free spins can be nice, they are limited to specific games and almost always at a much lower bet level than what we really would like them to be at. This is when playing with real money from the very start is great – we get to keep exactly everything we win, and we can play just the way we want, whenever we want. There are no confusing bet-level restrictions, and no games are off-limits. When we play with real money at online casinos, we’re the ones in charge. 

Viabonus is here to make it easy for you and make reviews into what it should have been from the very start. We help you find the best online casinos that don’t force a bad bonus on you. You can find the online casino you like the most on our list of casinos. If you have a few extra seconds to spare, you can also read our fantastic reviews. They are always honest, to the point, and are based on very thorough testing. Just the way it should be.

Slots or Blackjack?

One of the most known games in betting is slots, along with blackjack and roulette. Slots in online casinos are fully digital, some have as few as three reels, but most have about six or seven reels. There are a ton of options between the winning lines, some have only one, but most are at 10-20 or more. We can choose to bet on a single line or max lines, and we can also adjust how much we want to bet per line. We can bet from a couple of cents up to the max bet which usually is quite high, anywhere from €100 to €700 or more. Newer video slots typically experiment with the layout of reels and how we win, with flexible rows and increasing reels per winning bet. You can find just about anything inside the world of video slots.

When it comes to table games, normally we find the classics like blackjack and roulette, but there are also newer games like monopoly live and deal or no deal. Live table games usually have a much higher bet level, where a max bet can be at €10.000 and is great for the ones who really want to win big. 

Live games mean that there’s a live dealer that can interact with us and deals the cards, spins the ball of the roulette, or spins the money wheel.

The big online casinos usually have their own dealers that are representing the casino itself. If you really like a dealer you can also give them a tip, which we know they definitely deserve.

Safety When Playing Online

When you’re just dipping your toes into the ocean of online casinos, it can seem a little scary at first. Who do you trust? Is it legit? What is legal? Are they regulated? First and foremost, any casino that we write about or publish is a proper online casino. Everyone who wants to operate a casino has to have a license. Some have theirs in Curacao, others in Malta or UK. This is primarily based on the services you offer to a specific country. Many countries have their own license that you need to obtain in order to provide online casinos to the people living in that country, and you can find their licensing details at the bottom of every page. Once you have that information, if you are worried that the casino might not be legit, you can cross-check the number with the agency or government that is issuing the license.

Any online casino with a license has extremely strict rules that they have to follow and are highly regulated. Any breach leads to massive fines that the online casinos would much rather be without.

That means that any time you see a casino that has a license, you know that you can trust them and that everything they do is closely inspected. As mentioned, we only list and review online casinos that we trust and that we know have a license to operate. Viabonus have already done the hard work and checked all of the casinos we review and recommend, so you don’t have to.

You can read more on the online casino license from here

Payment Options

The different options for depositing and withdrawing plays a major part in which casino to choose. We enjoy a great selection of options, with the regular options like card and bank to the rarer ones like Skrill, Bitcoin and PayPal. In recent years the Pay N Play Casinos have come more popular than ever. Pay N Play Casinos are powered by Trusly and they´re available for the time being in Finland, Germany, Netherlands and Sweden, most likely more countries will be available for this solution in 2021

Most likely we´re seeing more and more countries that the Pay´n Play solution by the payment provider Trustly will be available. This solution allows as fast as 5 minutes withdrawal of the winnings and you don´t need to register the account for the online casino, which makes the user experience more smooth than ever!

Viabonus will help you find the ones who offer the deposit and withdrawal options that you prefer. 

Fast Withdrawals

Speed is also a key point in depositing and withdrawing. Your deposits will just about every time show up the second you deposit. But withdraws are normally not as speedy, except for recent years when we’ve gotten more and more options for getting our winnings quickly. However, some of us do enjoy a bit of a wait on the withdraw, we like the feeling of having a bit of money on the side. Perhaps it’s just superstition, but we like the feeling of having only a set amount to play with at a time, and any winnings above that amount will be tucked away safely in our withdrawal-wallet. The rest of us just wants the money as quickly as possible to the bank account, so that we can immediately see the nice cash we’ve just easily won. 

Whichever camp you’re in, we’ve done extensive research on each and every casino we list so that you can easily see which one you prefer. You will also be able to see what payment options are available to you so you can withdraw to Bitcoin or deposit with PayPal without having to ask every single online casino before signing up. That’s what we call proper service. 

Online Casinos vs Offline Casinos

We all love to visit a casino, whether it be online or at a physical venue. There are many benefits of visiting an online casino. The most obvious ones are that if we don’t like the vibe of the place, we can within minutes or a couple of seconds go to another online casino. That’s usually pretty difficult to do in real life unless you live in Las Vegas. There’s also no dress code for online casinos so we can either be really fancy in a three-piece suit or cocktail dress, sipping on some whiskey. Or we can bet on the fanciest blackjack table in our pyjamas while enjoying some orange juice. And just like physical casinos, online casinos are open all the time and offer slots or live games around the clock. All you have to do is find an interesting online casino here at Viabonus, register, place your bets, and you can win within minutes.

Online Casinos Are More Popular Than Ever

The first online casino was launched in 1994 at it was developed by Microgaming. Lot has changed from that and online gaming has come more and more popular. Since 2010 the rise of online gaming has been significant and nowadays there´s a lot of online casinos to choose from. Online gaming allows you to play wherever and whenever as long as you have a computer or mobile device. an internet connection and a payment method such as Skrill, PayPal, Visa, or Internet bank at your use.

Biggest win so far at 2020 has been € 14,239,532.84* on Microgaming’s iconic Mega Moolah progressive jackpot.