Why is Casino License Important For The Player?

There are many reasons why it´s important for online casinos to have a proper license. The main reasons are that the regulators of each country make sure that the game is fair for players, anti-money laundering, keeping the player’s funds separated from the casino´s operational funds, and regular third-party audits for the casinos on how they operate.


We here at Viabonus recommend playing at the casinos that have some of the following trusted licenses;

  • Maltese Gaming License (MGA)
  • UK Gambling License (Gambling Commission)
  • Swedish Gaming License (Spelinspektionen)
  • Danish Gaming License
  • Italian Gaming License
  • Belgian Gaming License
  • Estonian Gaming License (Maksu ja Tolliamet)
  • Kahnawake Gaming License

Online Gaming Licenses 2022

When it comes to Online Casinos, there are countries that ban all online casino betting, like Iran, North Korea, and the United Arab Emirates. The United States of America is also known for having banned online gaming a while ago. But in recent years, some states have slowly been opening up to allow certain licensed casinos.

With that said, let’s find out more about the best online gaming licenses available and why you should know about them.

Maltese Gaming License

This is the golden standard of online casino licenses. The Maltese Gaming License is issued by MGA (Malta Gaming Authority). It’s so famous in the world of online gaming because of the many regulations on player safety.

If you play at an online casino with an MGA license, you can rest assured that this casino has gone through a ton of tests and checks and is highly reliable.

You can read more about the MGA license from here

Kahnawake Gaming License

The Kahnawake Mohawk Territory is a reserve in Canada and offers a casino license for online casinos that don’t have to have an office in the territory or even Canada. The license has been around since 1996 and has a great reputation for being so good for players. Online Casinos have to renew the license every year, so you can be sure that they are constantly monitored.

Read all the facts from the Kahnawake Gaming Licence from here

Curacao Gaming License

A casino with a Curacao license is probably a very young casino that didn’t have the financial resources to jump through all of the hoops of the MGA license just yet. This license is cheaper and easier to get, but that doesn’t mean the casino with this license isn’t serious.

Even though the Curacao license sometimes gets a bad rap, they are still focused on player safety and reliable casinos. They are also one of the oldest casino licenses available.

UK Gambling License

The UK Gambling License from the Gambling Commission has been a difficult license to get but the one that most online casinos want. The UK is a regulated country, meaning that you have to have their license to offer online casinos to people residing in the United Kingdom.

The Gambling Commission has the player and ethics as their top priority. So, if you see an online casino with a UK license, you’re in good hands, no doubt.

Swedish Gaming License

It was just in January of 2019 that the Swedish government decided to regulate the Swedish casino market. This meant that hundreds of online casinos applied for the license in 2018. Since then, we’ve seen a lot of high fines as the casinos adjust to one of the strictest casino regulations available. If you live in Sweden, you should look for Lotteriinspektionen’s logo before you play, as this license also only apply to Swedish residents.

Danish Gaming License

The Danish government has been regulating online casinos for a long time. They used to be known as the tough market to enter, but with the new Swedish license, Denmark is not looking so bad right now. Just as with the UK and Swedish licenses, this license only applies to residents of Denmark.

More info from the Danish Gaming Licence from here

Italian Gaming License

Italy made gaming legal in 2006 when they joined the EU, but the Italian gaming license is a bit hard to get and comes with quite large repercussions for the casinos that don’t follow the regulations. One of the consequences of not following the regulations could mean prison time, something only a couple of countries in the world have.

As a player, you can benefit from some good regulations on player safety and also knowing that the casino definitely isn’t a start-up if it has an Italian gaming license.

Read all the facts from the Italy Gaming Licence from here

Isle of Man Gaming License

Being one of the first countries in the EU to offer an online gaming license, Isle of Man focuses on great player experience. For example, one of their most important principles is that players should get paid. And we couldn’t agree more.

Gibraltar Gaming License

If an online casino doesn’t have a Maltese or Curacao gaming license, they probably have a Gibraltar Gaming License. This is because it has such a great reputation and is working hard on anti-money laundering, good player protection, and reliable casinos. The Gibraltar Gaming License has been around since 2005, so they know what they’re doing!

Read the facts from the Gibraltar Gaming Licence from here

Belgian Gaming License

Just like the Italian gaming license, Belgium’s gaming license also has a limited number of licenses and tough consequences for not following the regulations. The Belgian Gaming License has strict regulations on player spending and fighting addiction. Similar to the UK, this license is for people living in Belgium.

Read more about the Belgium Gaming Licence from here

Estonian Gaming License

The Estonian Gaming License is a little different from the rest. If you get the license, you get to keep it for 20 years, as long as you keep following the regulations. Other licenses require the casino to renew the license every couple of years. For example, the UK license needs a renewal every 5 years.

As a player, you should remember that you need to be over 21 years old if you want to play at an online casino in Estonia.

Read all the facts from the Estonian Gaming Licence from here

Alderney Gaming License

As we leave the EU, we look onto the Alderney Gaming License. A casino with this gaming license can offer games to any country, whereas the Maltese license requires the casino to also have a local license for the countries that require it.

The Alderney Gaming License focuses on having casinos that offer good quality games and a good player experience.

More info on the Alderney Licence here

Costa Rica Gaming License

An online casino with a gaming license from Costa Rica doesn’t technically have a license. However, an online casino in Costa Rica can still offer online games, and most go for bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies as payment methods. These are typically very small online casinos that are trying to get some traction so they can get a license from Malta, Curacao, or Kahnawake.

Read more info from the Costa Rica Gaming Licence from here


FAQ - Gaming Licenses

Frequently asked questions

A gaming license allows you to offer games of chance or bet within a specific jurisdiction and within a particular category. Either land-based or on the internet. A license is always needed for gambling activities such as slots, poker, roulette, lottery, and sports betting. The permission is issued by the special gambling committee who regulates its licensees and legitimate that the business is fair and legit.

The standard licenses for online casinos is the Maltese Gaming License issued by the Malta Gaming Authority. It’s very popular among casino players mainly due to the many safety regulations. If you choose an online casino with an MGA license, you are protected by the gaming authority. Only casino operators who have gone through Maltas strict application processes and safety regulations are granted the MGA gaming license.

Are you suspecting that a casino operator does not possess the gambling license they claim to do? Several jurisdictions let you look up all licensee holders in a public database on their website, like the MGA licensee register, where you can search among all casinos operating under the Malta Gaming Authority.

The application process and the specific requirements for a business to qualify for a gambling license vary a lot between jurisdictions. But all commissions do have certain ground requirements and some basic procedures:

  • See the different types of gambling licenses available in your jurisdiction if choice and decide which one is relevant for your purpose. 
  • Choose the type of license you want to apply for. 
  • Fill out the application form and prepare the necessary documentation. It usually includes personal details, proof of funding, a realistic business plan, personal KYC’s of main founders, bank statements for all accounts, and more.
  • Pay the license application fee. 
  • Wait for the commission to process your application.
  • If approved, receive your gambling license!
  • Pay the annual fee, usually within 30 days after you have received your gambling license.
  • Done!


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