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Why Choose Estonian Online Casino License?

As an online casino operator, you should choose an online casino license for the following reasons.

  • Easy entry to the EU market
  • Low fees for obtaining a license
  • Relatively Low tax (About 5% for online gambling)
  • The operating permit for remote gambling up to 5 years
  • License is valid for 20 years
  • You can run your business remotely without being in Estonia or a member of the EU

Estonian Gambling Licence history

As time elapsed, rapid advancement in technology led to a boost in the field of the online gambling industry. Thereafter, the foremost Acts were modified which in turn led to the corresponding development of the online gambling industry in Estonia. Compared to the EU gambling license, Estonia began issuing an online gambling license recently.

The Estonian Gambling Licence and operating permits are issued to gambling operators and other business operators by the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. In 2008, the most recent Gambling Act was enacted by the Estonia Gaming authority but came into effect in early 2009.  This new act repealed the previous Acts (the Lottery and Gambling Acts) however some of the basic principles of the previous act remained the same.

The set of laws that regulate online gambling in Estonia are the Gambling Tax laws and the Gambling Act. Compared to some member countries of the European Union (EU), online gambling in Estonia is at its early stage. Until 2010 did online gaming became fully legalized in Estonia due to the decline in the country’s economy. The economy’s drawback was as a result of the world crisis which began around 2008. For this reason, online gambling was encouraged to enable citizens to get an alternative source of income. Additionally, the government allowed businesses to operate online casinos to enable them to collect tax on these operators by generating revenue and ultimately make the economy stable.  

Online Gaming in Estonia

At inception, indigenous-based websites only were allowed to offer online gambling services in Estonia. Thereafter, the gambling market was opened to offshore casino operators in 2011.  This was on the condition that operators had to be licensed by the Estonia Gambling Authority whether they are EU-based or not. However, any online-based casino that has not been licensed by the Estonia Gambling Authority will be restricted from offering services to its citizen.

It is expected that the Estonia Gaming law should conform to that of the EU since they are members of the same community. But this is not so, as Estonian gaming authorities maintain that it is just a temporary rule and that they have to ensure a high international standard and in maintaining players’ safety. The stated claim contradicts the philosophy of free competition which is promoted by the European Union.

Benefits of Gaming at an EMTA Regulated Casinos

We´ve listed the reasons below why you should pay at Estonian Licenced Online Casino

1. Fair Gaming

Estonia just like some other gaming authority ensures the results of all casino games are possibly fair so that gamers are not cheated by casino operators. They make sure that all games of chance have a random outcome and cannot be manipulated in any way by operators.

2. Monitoring and Accountability of Operators

The gaming authority monitors their licensees and ensures that they are accountable to the commission for their activities. Casino operators that do not conform to the legislation of the commission will be legally challenged. Casinos must prove to the authority that they are capable of hosting real money games and that they will be able to withdraw their funds when they win.

3. Safety/Player’s Protection

Ensuring gamers’ data safety is one of the responsibilities of the Estonia gambling authority. The commission ensures that casinos protect gamers’ data from theft and fraud. The commission only issues licenses to tested and trusted operators to make online gambling safe. In order not to be fined, the ISPs have been advised to block unlicensed sites to make gaming safer for Estonia citizens.

4. Investigation of Complaints

Just like some other reputable gaming authorities, the authority investigates complaints on behalf of the gamer to resolve conflicting issues between the casino operator and its client.

How do I know that Casino has an Estonian Gaming Licence?

Some casino operators may lay claims that they have a gambling license but in fact, do not. For you to verify if such a casino is genuine or a scam, you should visit the official website of the Gambling Act and the Gambling Tax laws. You can verify the casino operator by visiting the website at

Estonia Gaming Authority complaints

If you have complaints regarding any casino regulated by the Estonia Gaming Authority firstly, contact such an operator. If however, you are not satisfied with the licensed operator response, contact the Estonia Gaming Authority on its official website or send an email to


Estonia is in its first stage of development when it comes to online gambling. However, the Estonia gambling sector is advancing rapidly due to its strict and well-regulated policies. EU gaming license is not completely accepted in Estonia although it is a member of the European Union.

FAQ - Estonian Gambling Licence

Estonia gaming license is one of the most legit in the world. The Gambling Authority of Estonia holds one of the highest esteem in the world of gaming. All casinos in Estonia are made to follow strict rules and are regularly monitored by the authority to ensure gamers’ safety. As such, any online or land-based casinos that hold this license are trustworthy, safe, and reliable to play at.

If you have complaints regarding EMTA regulated online casino, you should first contact the operator. If you´re not satisfied with the licensed operator response, contact the Estonia Gaming Authority on its official website  or send an email to

Yes, gambling is legal in Estonia today. This hasn’t always been the case, and all types of gambling activities used to be banned in Estonia. The first Lottery Act and the first Gambling Act came into power 1994 and 1995. But these two acts proved to be insufficient due to the rapid movement of the online gambling industry. The latest Gambling Act came into power in 2009. This act provided a legal basis for regulating the rapidly growing online gambling industry.

If you are an Estonian citizen, you’ll be happy to learn that you can enjoy the benefits of playing at no-account casinos, so-called Pay N Play casinos.

If you are unsure if a casino operator actually obtains a legit gambling license, there is an easy way to verify its authenticity. To confirm if the casino site is genuine and not a scam, you only need to visit the official website of the Gambling Act and the Gambling Tax laws and search for the operator you want to look up.

If you want to offer gambling in Estonia, a registered company first needs to apply to the Tax and Customs Board for an activity license and an organization license for organizing gambling. Non-resident companies must register as non-resident taxpayers with the Tax and Customs Board before applying. The company’s share capital must be at least €1 000 000 for games of chance.

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