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How To Choose a Safe Bitcoin Casino?

You might have the best and safest password for your Bitcoin wallet, but if you deposit at a casino that is a scam and only poses as a real casino, you can still lose everything you deposit.

If you want to know how to stay safe when choosing a BTC  casino, keep reading. But remember that we do all of the hard work for you here at Viabonus, so if you choose one of our recommended online Bitcoin Casinos, you’ll always know that they are fair and safe to deposit at.

Would you rather go on your own casino verification adventure, you need to figure out if the casino has a legit casino license in general. Another thing to look for is if the casino has trusted casino games that also are regulated properly. Lastly, you want a casino with safe deposit and withdrawal methods.

All About Licenses

Never compromise on an online casino license. Three big overseas casino licenses, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA), the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC), and licensing from Curacao. Then there’s also the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. However, the Licences might have a different approach to Cryptocurrencies, so you should always check what license the online casino

You can usually find the logo of the casino’s license at the bottom of every page, and you can also cross-check the licensing on the license provider’s website. It’s important that you do since anyone can put up a logo on their website if they want to scam you, but nobody can force the casino licensing agency to list their name without a proper license.

Crypto Gaming Licence

The games at all legit bitcoin casinos are checked by independent licensing agencies. They check that the RNG, RTP (Return to Player), and functions of each and every game released by the game providers who have the license, are accurate and follow all regulations.

Game providers like Netent, Yggdrasil, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Quickspin, iSoftBet, and many more, are all checked this way. A casino that tries to scam you can’t offer these kinds of games on their page, simply because the game provider license forbids it.

But don’t be fooled by just looking at the available games, you also want to make sure that you can start the games both offline and logged in before you deposit. If the games from one of the top game providers are starting as real money play when you’re logged in, you know you’re safe and you can make a deposit.

When you choose an online casino that we recommend here at Viabonus, we guarantee that the casino has proper and licensed games.

But that’s not all...

You’ve made sure that the casino has the right license and the right games with proper licenses. That must be everything you need, right?

Not quite. 

Terms & Conditions

There might be other problems you need to consider. The online casino might offer deposits and withdrawals with bitcoin, but they might not process withdrawals. At all.

There are some online casinos out there that are really sneaky. They add unfair sections to their terms and conditions that allow them to confiscate winnings when normal online casinos wouldn’t. Others might wait with processing your withdrawal for weeks or even months.

We wouldn’t want you to fall into a trap like that, so before we recommend online casinos to you, we check the T&C, the withdrawal processing times, the quality of the support, the speed of deposits and withdrawals as well as any possible fees. That way, you will always have great options for a bitcoin gamble when you look at online casinos here at Viabonus.


How To Choose Safe Bitcoin Wallet?

Playing at online casinos is fun, but there might just be a couple of reasons why you should not play with Bitcoin at online casinos


  • Bitcoin is a currency, and you can use it in the same way as you would with fiat currency, where Bitcoin is accepted.
  • When it comes to safety and personal anonymity, Bitcoin easily outranks other payment methods like credit or debit cards and even PayPal.
  • If you’re playing at online casinos that we recommend, you will always deposit to safe and trustworthy online casinos with Bitcoin.
  • A Bitcoin casino typically has better bonuses than any regular casino thanks to its rising popularity.


  • Bitcoin is volatile, it might quickly increase in value or lose value during the time you’re playing, and therefore you might get less bitcoin back if the casino is converting your Bitcoin to euro or dollar.
  • Finding the best Bitcoin wallet might be difficult as there are a ton of options. Luckily, if you keep reading, we will give you some tips.
  • If there’s a problem with the transaction in the blockchain, you might be able to get help from neither the wallet provider nor the online casino.
  • Would you ever find yourself in a situation where your Bitcoin has been stolen or you have deposited to a scam casino, you can’t reverse the transaction.

How To Keep Your Bitcoins Safe?

As we mentioned, if your Bitcoins are stolen or if you deposit to a scam casino (why did you not go with a casino we recommend?), you can’t use chargeback to get your coins back to your wallet.  That’s scary to think about, so let us explore the two ways of keeping your bitcoin safe.

The first thing to think about is to use one of the best bitcoin wallets and to use a good password and two-factor authentication.

The second thing is to go for online casinos that have a valid, reputable, and trustworthy online casino license, and are safe to play at. This is where we come in.

But before we go into that, let’s explore the best bitcoin wallets first.

Choosing the Right Wallet

When you’re choosing the best bitcoin wallet it can be difficult, it’s hard to know which ones are good and which ones to avoid. Then there’s the whole thing with preferences, the right wallet for you might be the wrong one for someone else. There are several different options. You can go for an old-school wallet on a removable device, like a USB key, or you can go for a modern app that is easily accessible from your phone at any time.

Here are three alternatives, one is an app on your phone, one is stored offline on your computer and one is a bit of both.

  • Electrum was one of the first wallets to exist. It’s a very popular bitcoin wallet globally. This is a user-friendly wallet with two-factor authentication and an offline storage alternative. It’s a great and safe option for a Bitcoin wallet, and some call it the best Bitcoin wallet.
  • Edge is the wallet that is only on your phone. You can use it with both iOS and Android phones, and it’s very user-friendly, which is why we consider it as one of the best Bitcoin wallets. If you’re into more crypto than just Bitcoin, then this is a very good option. They support 31 coins at the moment, and more are added as requests come in.
  • Coinbase is the last contestant for the best Bitcoin wallet, you can access your wallet on both the computer and your phone and it’s one of those really highly ranked and popular Bitcoin wallets globally. With Coinbase you can also buy more Bitcoin or other cryptos. The only thing to keep in mind is that you have to verify yourself before you can use the wallet, so expect a couple of days to pass after you’ve signed up before you can use it.

How To Keep Your Crypto Wallet Safe?

You’ve downloaded and signed up for what you think is the best Bitcoin wallet, now you just have to keep your login safe.

Just like we don’t wave our credit cards around or say our pin code out loud as we enter it when we pay at a store, you should also keep the password for your Bitcoin wallet safe. When you pay with a card at the store, you’re actually using two-factor authentication. The first is the card itself and the second is your pin.

When it comes to cryptocurrency, since it’s not a physical card but rather something on your device, you’re susceptible to hacking. And that’s why you need two-factor authentication on your login so that only you can access your stash of Bitcoin or other altcoins.

There are some golden rules to your password too. The first is that you will probably be safe if you stay away from using real words (also alternative spellings like “p4ssw0rd” or “drowssap”). The second step when choosing a password is to also have at least one capital – preferably not at the very start or end of your password.

Lastly, remember to always include a number and a special character (like !, ?, £, $, @, etc.) in your password. The more, the better, but don’t forget about regular letters too. Keep the password at least 8 characters long and your wallet should be safe from most hacker attacks.

Bitcoins & Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrencies are not usually accepted as legal tender globally. That means that it can’t be issued as notes or coins by the Banks. But that doesn’t mean that it’s illegal, just like Euros or US dollars aren’t illegal. It’s perfectly legal to use Bitcoin online and that’s why it’s great for online casinos.

Just like when you play with fiat currency at online casinos, you have to pay taxes according to your country’s laws when you play with BTC.

Deposits With Bitcoins And Other Cryptocurrencies

All right, you’ve made all of the checks (or skipped all of the hard work and chose a casino we recommend) and you’re now at a safe Bitcoin casino. You’ve signed up, and it’s time to deposit.

Although the process might be slightly different depending on the casino you’re playing at, they all follow the same process.

  • Make sure you have BTC in your favorite Bitcoin wallet.
  • Go to the cashier and choose deposit.
    Some casinos have the deposit button at the top of the page!
  • If there are several options, choose Bitcoin as the payment option.
  • Now you’ll see a Bitcoin wallet address, save it. It’s the casino’s wallet and can only be deposited into.
  • Enter the casino’s wallet address in your own wallet and enter the amount to deposit. 

Now you’re done!

Need help choosing the best Bitcoin and Crypto wallet? We’ve covered it above, so scroll up a bit to find our recommendations. Keep in mind that some online casinos might charge a fee for deposits. However, this is usually much lower than other payment options or doesn’t exist at all.

Withdrawing At a Bitcoin Casino

Withdrawing your money from an online casino is just about as easy as depositing, if not easier.

The first thing to keep in mind though is to know if you can make a withdraw. You need to have met all wagering requirements and made sure that you have enough funds in your casino account to meet the minimum withdrawal requirement.

Once all of that is done, it’s time to cash out!

  • Head to the cashier and choose Withdraw.
  • Choose the same method as you used when you deposited – i.e. Bitcoin.
    Note that some online casinos do this step for you automatically.
  • Enter your own wallet’s address and choose withdraw.

You’re done!

Online casinos usually have humans that check every withdrawal. If you’re withdrawing a lot or you’re not verified yet, allow 24-48 hours to pass for the payments team to process your request.

Bonuses You Say… Tell Me Everything

Yes, you can make Bitcoin gambles and still get a nice bonus. The casino really wants you to deposit at their casino, so they usually compete for your attention. Some online casinos even give higher bonuses if you deposit with bitcoin, which is great news.

The bonuses can be anything from a welcome bonus at 200% of your deposit, to 200 free spins on your first 10 days at the casino. Others give you a sample of 10 free spins when you sign up, these can be used on slots at the casino so you can see how it works and feels.

Just keep in mind that you should always read the terms and conditions. We do this for you in our reviews, but unlike general terms and conditions, bonus T&C might change from one week to the other. In other words, make it a habit to check the bonus terms before you deposit.

Altcoins vs Bitcoin Gamble

We’ve focused a lot on Bitcoins here in this article, but the truth is that there are plenty of other cryptocurrencies out there that work the same way as, or even better than, Bitcoin. These are called altcoins.

Globally, bitcoins are the uncontested favorite. But if you’re looking for an altcoin that is faster than Bitcoin, most online casinos also offer Ethereum as an option. This altcoin has been around since 2015 and is a stable (as far as cryptocurrencies go) altcoin that is considered less safe than Bitcoin. However, if speed is really important to you, this is a great option, and, it’s still safer than regular payment options.

What Is the Best Bitcoin Casino?

The best bitcoin casino for you depends on your preferences. Some want mostly live casinos, others sports betting. There are those who only play lottery games and scratch cards while others only want slots.

That’s why we can’t pinpoint a single Bitcoin casino that is the best, and also why we can’t tell you which is the best Bitcoin wallet. But to help you find a casino with Bitcoin that you will enjoy, we have gathered a good selection of the highest-ranked casinos that offer BTC and other Cryptocurrencies at the top of this page.

That way you can check out the list, see which one fits you, and choose the absolute best casino with Bitcoin for you.


Gambling and Bitcoin, a Love Story

As you might have gathered here at Viabonus we really like BTC and Bitcoin gamble. In this article, we’ve gone over how to find the best Bitcoin wallets, how to spot a legit Bitcoin casino, different alternatives to Bitcoin, and what games and bonuses you can expect from a Bitcoin casino.

You can also leave a comment on our casino Bitcoin reviews to tell us more about your opinion and thoughts on the casino and the review in general. Not only do we love to read your comments but most of all will it help other players who are looking for Bitcoin and Crypto Casinos.