Benefits of Alderney Gambling License

Over the years, Alderney has become more popular as a source of attraction for business operators.  Approximately 2000 e-Gaming sites are licensed out of Alderney which is owned by over 300 investors.  Some of the reasons Alderney has been a traffic hub for all markets in e-gaming are based on the following reasons:

  • World Class Telecommunications infrastructure:  Alderney has fast fiber-optic connections that extend between the European countries and also providing IT supports.
  • Internationally recognized Standards: Business operators are attracted to this offshore country due to its high standards of legislation.
  • Fiscal advantages: This offshore country levies zero corporation taxes with few exceptions, VAT, and gaming duties
  • Zero inflation.

Alderney Gaming Authority

The Alderney gaming authority was established in May 2000 and is formally known as the Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC). The authority is independent, non- profit-oriented, and non-political but controls online gambling on behalf of the government. Also, it ensures that its regulatory and administrative approach meets international standards.  Furthermore, the commission maintains its standard by protecting gamers from criminal influences, ensuring transparency, random and fair gaming.

Based on the rapid growth of the e-Gaming industry in Alderney over time, the AGCC restructured and modernized its legislations to compete with other rivalry platforms. For applicants to be offered an Alderney gaming licence, they must satisfy the following criteria:

  • High Level of Competency
  • Reliability
  • Have sufficient funds
  • Separate gamers’ funds from operational funds
  • High level of Cyber Security

Benefits Of Gaming at AGCC Regulated Casinos

The key factors gamers consider while selecting an online casino to play at are safety and reliability. Gamers always want to play at casinos that protect their data and are as fair as possible. For these reasons AGCC sets some regulations in place, issuing licenses only to business operators that comply with these standards.  The following are the benefits of gaming at AGCC regulated Casinos.

1. Fair Gaming and Facilities Testing

AGCC ensures the randomness of the results of all casino games by making sure they are provably fair. Therefore, all virtual online games must use Random Number Generators (RNG) to make sure that all game of chances is fair to a high extent. Additionally, all casinos seeking to be approved by this commission must test their gaming software with any independent company approved by the Commission.

2. Monitoring and Accountability of Operators

The AGCC ensures that all licensed casino operators are accountable for their actions to the commission. Business operators must conform to the principles and regulations of fair gaming and will be challenged if they do otherwise. Any observed prohibited behavior or a breach in legislation by the licensed casino operator can be legally challenged or may attract punishment.

3. Player’s Protection

One of the main purposes AGCC was established is to protect gamblers from criminal influences. Operators must make sure that clients’ data are not compromised in any way. Their data must be safe by protecting them from all forms of criminal influences such as theft and fraud.

4. Separation of Players’ Funds

Casino operators must be able to manage their finances. They must be capable of separating their clients’ funds from their operational funds. This is because perhaps the casino operator goes bankrupt for any reason gamblers do not lose their funds in their casinos’ accounts in such a situation.

5. Investigation of Complaints

Another important benefit of gaming at AGCC licensed Casino is that the commission can investigate complaints on behalf of the gamer thereby resolving conflicting issues between both parties.

Casinos Regulated by Alderney Gambling Control Commission (AGCC)

Some casino operators may lay claims that they have a gambling license from AGCC but in fact, do not. For you to verify if such a casino is genuine or a scam, you should visit the official website of AGCC. All casino operators and e-Gambling Companies regulated by AGCC are listed on the official website. To verify if any Casino is regulated by AGCC, visit the Licence Holders page of the Commission’s website Search the website for companies, URLs, or brands of the operator in question. If the Casino operator does not have an Alderney Gambling licence there will be no result for your search.

Alderney Gaming Authority Complaints

AGCC is responsible for supervising all the activities carried out by a licensed casino operator. If you have any complaints regarding a licensee or a breach in legislation set by the commission, notify the operator with whom you have played. However, if you are not yet convinced or satisfied with the manner your complaint has been handled by your operator, lodge a formal complaint to the commission. You can complain by completing a contact form or sending a direct email to


The Gambling Control Commission of Alderney is one of the most trustworthy gaming licensing authorities internationally due to its maintained high standards. If you have any complaints regarding any Alderney licensed casino, you should lay your complaints to such an operator at first. If unsatisfied with the operator’s response, you can contact the AGCC by visiting their official website or send an email to for a speedy reply.

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Alderney Gaming Contact Details

  • Website:
  • E-mail:
  • Fax: +44 (0)1481 823978
  • Phone: + 44 (0)1481 825500
  • Jurisdiction: Alderney
  • Type: Government Agency
  • Founded: 2000
  • Address: St Anne’s House, Queen Elizabeth II Street, Alderney, Channel Islands, GY9 3TB

FAQ - Alderney Casino Licence

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Alderney Gambling Licence is one of the most reputable and popular licence in the world. This authority does not give applicants their licenses easily as it makes them prove beyond doubt their technical and financial capability to host real money games. Therefore, business operators holding Alderney gaming licenses or certificates possess a reliable status.

Yes. Gambling is illegal in Alderney unless it is licensed by the AGCC. An eGambling license from the AGCC can be used by a licensee to operate in any country where it is legal to do so. In some markets, a local license is required in addition to your Alderney gambling license.

Choosing Alderney as your licensing jurisdiction gives plenty of advantages like a globally recognized regulation, strong player protection, competitive tax rates, and multiple products within one single license from the AGCC. This includes slots, bingo, casino games, table games, poker and betting products.

To apply, you must send an application to the Alderney Gambling Control Commission including the following:


    • A completed application form, including any appendices.
    • A deposit for the expenses involved in processing your application.
    • Any supporting documents.
    • Any related key individual application forms, duly completed, and the related deposits.


For more information, visit the official website of the Alderney Gambling Control Commission.


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